This morning = SUCH a better start to the day.  Woke up on the super RIGHT side of the bed today! 

Mindset was RUN, RUN, RUN! I want to RUN!  – and that is exactly what I did after feeding Sophie and writing out my TO DO list of today’s tasks!

My goal was NINE steady miles of pou nding pavement…however, the weather was SO PERFECT for running this morning, that I blew the number nine out of the water.  Took it a little higher…

iMapmyRUN clocked me at 11.65 miles – SWEET!

road run april 6 002

My Route…

road run april 6 001

Here is a REFRESHING part of my run…


A road that is shaded by a canopy of trees from each side.  It is so neat to run through.  One of my favorite roads in H-burg to put into my route, but also one of most dangerous.  Always have to take one headphone out when I run on it, to make sure I’m aware of all cars coming!


Here is the part of my run when the word ‘SERENE’ came to mind.  Blue skies.  No clouds.  Just trees & fields of grassy land to all sides of me.  This was the second best part of my run!

The whole run felt GREAT. Exactly what I needed to start my day.  I say of the entire mileage, probably 1-1.5 miles I was walking for warm-up and cool-down & the rest running/jogging. 

This is the PINTEREST MI I had running through my head this morning as I came to a stop in my driveway…

nike Just did it…11.65 miles. Whoop! 

So pumped for the Indy Half Marathon.  Only 3 weeks left.

When I got home from run, I downed two water-bottles full of water – believe I was a bit dehydrated.  Then I snacked on some grapes, because the appetite hadn’t found its way to me yet.


These are courtesy of the BEST SISTER EVER! She bought them from Meijer in Indy!

After long run, I met up with Rossco & his pup Dirk to take a little walk.  Sophie joined in, too. 


Here is Soph checking out Dirks butt.  Haha.  They played great together!  They are same age, believe that?

After walk, I took Soph home & headed to lunch. 

Lunch today was


…with Tiff!  We got yummy VEGGIE SALADS to enjoy & more water. Then ate them & talked together for a good hour and a half.  Could have gone on longer, too!

Spent the afternoon working on SHAKEOLOGY & Xocai Chocolate/Xe Energy information for a Health Fair in Indy that Ann and I are having a stand at next weekend, thanks to the invite from my good friend Megan!

While I worked, I snacked on a delightful XOCAI Healthy Chocolate Nugget, sampled just a few bites of the Pasta Salad my mom whipped up for Easter at my Aunt’s house tomorrow, and made this…

april 6 002

1/2 a High FIBER English Muffin toasted & topped w/ spray butter & SF Jelly

All were DELISH!

Tonight I had to work at the Y from 5-9, so decided to pack a few snacks in case I got hungry.  Mom & Dad were going to Arnie’s with Ann & Ben, so I wanted them to bring me back one of their AMAZING garden salads to enjoy for SUPPER after I got off work.   I can never pass up an Arnie’s salad opportunity. No way.

Snacks I packed for work (and ate all of)…

april 6 005

A small handful CASHEWS

april 6 006

 1 whole wheat pita, sprayed with olive oil & sprinkled with Italian seasoning, then toasted

dipped in…

april 6 004

Pizza sauce ~ Mmmm!

Work went by quickly because I practiced my step routine for class on Monday for the majority of it… I liked how I burned off some unexpected calories tonight by having time to practice step : ) – kinda nice!

Now, it’s family time and Sophie/Lilly time while eating a late, late dinner! Arnie’s Salad (with FF Ranch dressing).  Then maybe more step routine work before bed.

Saturday morning = BodyPUMP tomorrow! Which I’m ‘pumped’ about!!

april 6 blog 002

I’ll leave you with some PINTEREST MI to help motivate you like the Nike, Just Did It pic motivated me today! 

Have a WONDERFUL EASTER weekend & be sure to get your work-outs in so you can feel HAPPY, HEALTHY & STRONG!

every damn day nike


Yep, so true…to above and below.