I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed today.  Ask Ann, I know she will tell you the same thing.

Bad mood today from the start.  I woke up to my Dad’s cell phone ringing, then constantly buzzing & beeping to indicate voicemails.  That, my friends, is never a good thing when I hear that cell phone & my dad has already left for work.  He works in Evansville.  He does 80% of his job through communication on his phone with individuals from other companies.  Do you see where this is going?

Anytime Dad leaves his cell phone behind at home, I usually get nominated to take it to him at work because he needs it that bad.  When I heard it going off this morning, I knew right then that today’s plans were going to be changed, because I was going to be driving to at least Lynnville to deliver a cellular device. UGH.

That’s what spurred the mood, I’m quite sure.  Just as I was sure that dad would call this morning at some point & kindly ask me if I could meet him in Lynnville to give him phone…I’m a nice daughter, so I always say YES – today, however, it was rather grudgingly. 

Breakfast today consisted of a Naner & ½ English Muffin (great source of FIBER!) with SF Jelly

It tasted great. I was hungry this morning.

Waited on the planned run I told you about last night because it looked like it was going to storm this morning – ended up raining some, but no storms. That also played part in the bad mood, because I was really looking forward to NINE solid miles.  Wish now I would have gone anyways, because the way the rest of the day went, it didn’t allow me to fit a run in.

Ann and I spent the morning at home working on applications for the pool and other things. It took longer than I expected & I needed a snack half-way through.

Snack = grapes. YUM

Ann left at around lunch time & I left also, to drop something at my Nanny’s, then head to Lynnville to meet Dad. Took Soph with me for company.

When I got back home, I had a XOCAI package waiting for me! Whoop! Got some more Powersquares for my fam and I, and we also got something new…a dark chocolate NUGGET! I had to have one immediately, even before I made my lunch.

thursday april 5 015

It was SO GOOD! – this particular Xocai Healthy chocolate is supposed to help with sinus problems and allergies!

Lunch today was delicious also!

thursday april 5 002

thursday april 5 003

thursday april 5 004

thursday april 5 007

It was a new sampling for me. Took grilled chicken from last night & the awesome pizza sauce I love (because of the sweet nutrition facts above!), and put it inside a pita I had toasted with a bit of olive oil & Italian seasonings. I added some lettuce & there you have it. Awesome. Lunch.

After lunch Soph & I had to do some chores at home.

Ran into slight problem…

thursday april 5 012

My shake-ball that I use to mix up my protein shakes is stuck in our dish drying holder. Perfect. – think I’ll let Dad deal with that one.

I had to take Soph to vet this afternoon for check-up and to get a shot– this took FOREVER.

When I got home, I was in an even worse mood because the appointment took longer than it should have & killed even more of my time. Therefore, I turned to something sweet. Shouldn’t have, but did. UGH.

thursday april 5 009

thursday april 5 010

Took ¼ a graham cracker, split it into 2, then added a little cream cheese icing to each one (my mom had bought this for sugar cookies she made the other night for Easter) and then topped them with a few chocolate chips. Wow, very little pieces, but VERY sweet & rich. That did the trick.

Followed that with a shot of psyllium husk – this was surprisingly easy to drink today. I don’t even mind it anymore.

I had already made my Shakeology for supper to take with me to the Y before I had left with Sophie for the vet, so I just grabbed it & took off.

thursday april 5 013

Enjoyed my supper SHAKEOLOGY tonight at the Y about half-way through my shift. It tasted so good, and so HEALTHY after the snack I had before work!

After I got off work at 9, I went for a quick 40 minute walk with a friend, just to get SOME form of exercise in today, then headed on home. 

Tomorrow is the nine mile run! All I know is, it better not be RAINING when I get up in the morning.  Sun will hopefully be shining & I will hopefully be pounding some pavement for a couple hours.

Hope you all had a much more productive Thursday than mine was.

Remember to get in a GREAT workout tomorrow so you can go into the Easter weekend feeling refreshed, happy, and healthy!

PINTEREST MI to get you the right mind-set …


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abs! march 25


Wish I could see some on me at some point down the road : )

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fri march 9

Even though I’m not seeing lots of change in myself, I’m not going to throw the towel in quite yet.  I’ll wipe the sweat off my face a bit longer & see what happens!  Can’t hurt, right?