Easter Weekend is HERE! I had one Easter gathering today, and another tomorrow.  I love it because it means spending time with family, but dis-like because it means two large meals, followed by the temptation of eating the not-so-healthy desserts that are always at our family gatherings. 

So, keeping in mind that I had two meals planned for this weekend that will be larger (and more un-healthy) than my normal routine meals, I WORKED-IT-OUT HARD this morning.  Powered through BodyPUMP and tried to push extra-hard to torch a few extra calories.

Enjoyed a yummy Cookies n Cream protein shake on the drive home from the Y.

Next on the agenda was what I expected to be a WALK & TALK with Megan…Hah!  She talked me right out of that one!  We ended up running a good majority of the 5.5 mile route we took along the back roads of H-Burg after BodyPUMP.

The weather was once again B-E-A-U-TIFUL today & just the right temperature for an enjoyable run.  I just couldn’t resist.  And Megan wasn’t going to be satisfied with a walk.  Her comment as we left my driveway was “take me on a route with HILLS!” – at first, I was thinking ‘oh crap! hills today?’ by the time we got back to my house, I was SO GLAD we opted to take the hill route.  Meg and I tackled them with no prob-lem-o!  The hour & 20 minutes we were gone flew by because you could say we were ‘Chatty Kathy’s’ the entire time! LOL

We had Easter dinner planned at my Aunt’s house in Evansville, so decided to leave at about 1:30 to allow some visiting time before-hand.  I knew if I didn’t eat a bite before we left, I would be hungry before supper rolled around & would likely turn to some ‘sweet Easter treat’ sitting around she & my Uncle’s house.  Therefore, I opted for a light lunch before we left to hold me over…

saturday blog april 7 002

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla sprayed with Olive Oil & sprinkled with Italian Seasoning, then toasted & dipped in one of my new favorites: Healthy Pizza Sauce (minus the sodium content)

I also added a little more protein to keep me full…a few pieces of deli Cajun turkey.

Before we left the house, Ann snapped a pic of Soph and I with her new Easter toy from Gram and Gramps! An Easter Bunny!  She loves the bunny…and I love the pic.  She is such a little toot!

saturday blog april 7 004

It was so nice spending time with the family today, but not everyone was there.  We were missing quite a few cousins, which I was bummed about.

We had a GREAT meal, but way too much food. 

Check out my yummy picks  —

saturday blog april 7 009

saturday blog april 7 008

My food choices consisted of:  Sweet-n-Sour Slaw, a little Pasta Salad, a bit of corn, a Wheat Roll, a small piece of Ham, Chicken-n-Dumplings (home-made) and a pickle

I had second helpings of Slaw, Ham, and Pasta Salad

saturday blog april 7 010

After dinner I snacked on a few Hershey Chocolate Kisses because I was hoping I could satisfy my ‘dessert’ tooth with them & be able to by-pass any dessert that would be up for grabs later in the evening.

That, my friends, DID. NOT. HAPPEN. — Why?… Because my Aunt pulled out a Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake for dessert.  Seriously?! 

I just could not resist…looked too good to pass up.  Ann and I shared a rather large slice.  And I enjoyed every bite & I think Ann did, too! 

saturday blog april 7 011

I should tell you (so I don’t feel guilty for not) that I also ended up sampling a TINY piece of  mint chocolate dessert my cousin’s wife Crystal made.  It was just as delicious as the cheesecake.  Tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

saturday blog april 7 013

Overall, it was a great Easter gathering.  Now we’re on the car ride home & my stomach is SO FULL from all the YUMMINESS! – and I have the ‘yuck’ feeling now.

Can’t wait to get home & see little Sophie! I’ve been away from her for too many hours! I’m passing the time during our drive home blogging, while Ann is spending her ride home ‘CATCHING FIRE!’ lol.  She has been nose deep in this book the entire week. – Guess I’m going to have to hop on the Hunger Games band-wagon! Ann is insisting on it!

ann 003

I hope you all had a productive Saturday & were able to knock out a good workout today!

Tomorrow is Easter & we have church in the AM, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a workout of some sort between church & Easter lunch with other side of our family.  We’ll see if I have the time to get it in.  If not, tomorrow night will be spent practicing the STEP Routine for Monday’s class, so I’m guaranteed a little cardio action then!

Will you have time to squeeze a work-out in tomorrow? Try to make time, even if its only for 15 or 20 minutes. — You’ll feel so much more accomplished & in a better mood if you do.  I’ll bet you on it.


Here is the PINTEREST MI to get you to the gym/outdoors/in front of Shawn T or Tony Horton or any other trainer on a DVD series that you may feel like doing tomorrow! 

Whatever you do, just get that heart-rate up, release the endorphins, and burn some good old calories!

for thursday2

Well, should have remembered this above quote today! Ooops!

blog pics for wed and thurs 006

I’m suffering the pain of REGRET now, but tomorrow my goal is the suffer the pain of DISCIPLINE.

motivating body

She deserved a second appearance on my blog…FIT-SPIRATION! Not gonna get that bod if I keep up the Red Velvet Cheesecake action.

i did this once, lets start again!

GREAT TIP for Tomorrow!  I’m using it!