Balance. Eats. Be You.

Well, long time no blog posts! But, happy to have time to dedicate to a little writing tonight. Life continues to move in the forward direction – time seems to go faster and faster. Do you ever wish you could just push a “HOLD” button?!  Goodness…I sure do.

It’s been so long since my last post that I don’t really know how to quickly recap the past four weeks.  I’ve remained dedicated to consistent healthy eats roughly 80% of the time, have religiously been taking my Isagenix Probiotic & Digestive Enzymes on a daily basis, have routinely cleansed each Monday (sometimes two-day cleanses into Tuesday evening), and have somehow included practicing yoga two to three times per week in my current exercise regimen (and obviously still become a sweaty mess in the gym on most days!!).  Honestly, I feel more balanced than I have in quite some time. Though I don’t use body weight as a solid measure of progress (since I’m in the game to build muscle & become stronger in the gym…and this doesn’t always jive well with the scales), I’ve definitely noticed a slow & steady decline in the number on the scale since purchasing the Withings+ scale (which syncs to my iPhone each morning I step on the scale). To me, it isn’t all about that number, but it does indicate to me that my current routine is in check.  It also motivates me to keep up the hard work and dedication. Smile


Here are some random eats photos I’ve snapped over the past several weeks:


Protein pasta with tomato basil sauce & parmesan cheese + broccolini


Two corn tortillas with egg white scramble (peppers / spinach / onion) & topped with spicy guacamole — this was dinner, not breakfast!


Gluten-free lime tortilla chips with grilled chicken, corn/black mix/pepper mix, bbq sauce + side of fresh green beans – Yes, random!!

Yesterday I did a little Sunday meal prep along with church, yoga, the store, the gym, laundry, and ???. I whipped up egg muffins, a small batch of PB powerballs, and these:


Tri-colored Quinoa, black bean, corn, and sweet potato bake — so simple and so tasty!!


Mini Thai Chicken Meatballs — also very simple, yet healthy & delicious!!

If you’d like the recipe for either of the above, just shoot me a comment or an email to and I’ll send them your way! Or, if you have any questions about the protein shakes I utilize, the cleanse days, or the gut health (probiotic + digestive enzymes) products that all have been so helpful to me, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Remember: just because you inquire doesn’t mean I expect you to purchase!  Everyone’s health and health goals are different – I’m only here to help you try to reach yours.


Whatever YOU is…do YOU. Be YOU…but, be the BEST you that you can be. Nothing less. (Snapped before church a few Sundays ago – a happy place of mine!!)

Today is Monday, so I hope you all got in your workout! Why?? … Because you NEVER miss a Monday!  A solid cycling class followed by two quick dreadmiles for me this evening. Tomorrow yoga is on the agenda plus taking Sodie-pup for a walk…she needs her exercise, too!

the difference

Until next time… 


Bootcamp, Yoga, Food, & FITspiration

Happy Monday!

Did you all have a great weekend?  Mine was jam packed with work and play, but all in a good way!

Saturday started out with a SOLID workout at the gym. Ran 2.25 miles and felt fully warm for an hour of Bootcamp (which was a combination of strength & cardio that kicked my butt) then managed to pound out 1 more mile, but legs would do no more than that.  A shower plus a few errands later and I was back at the gym for a restorative yoga workshop.  It was two wonderful hours of stretch and mindfulness.  If you’ve never taken restorative yoga, I would highly recommend it. It honestly rejuvenates your body in the same way (or more) as a nap/sleep. I walked away feeling “restored!” and totally ready to tackle this week!  Cleaning, organizing, and dinner out followed.

Sunday started with a nice, sweaty strength training session at the gym,

goals  To gym or not to gym?…Gym. Always. There are no excuses.

mass, then straight to hot yoga.  I recently located a hot yoga studio and have vowed to make it a habit for at least two times per week (trying to fit it in between gym strength & cardio workouts is TOUGH!).  This past week I succeeded and I am anxiously looking forward to more!  I am thankful to be getting yoga practice back in my life. My body is screaming “Thank you!!”

The rest of Sunday was errands, laundry, and meal prepping/preparing for this new week already upon us. 

For this week, I whipped up some lean Asian Chicken Meatballs to go with rice and broccoli for lunches.  I also may use them with this good-looking Green Lentil Pasta for a dinner:

IMG_7427 Ground Chicken, Green Onion & Green Pepper, Ginger, Soy Sauce, bit of Gluten-free Bread Crumbs, & hint of Olive Oil


Yes – It does say one serving has 21g of protein!!

I also whipped up a variation of egg muffin again this week and also long grain & wild rice for the lunches:


Mostly Egg Whites (3:1 yolk ratio), Spinach, Orange Pepper, Onion, Chopped Hot Turkey Italian Sausage, bit of Mushroom, smidge of Cheese on top each


Long Grain & Wild Rice

A few other tasty buys this weekend at Wegman’s included:


*Blueberries – mmmm,mmmm,good! Thinking about dipping some in vanilla greek Triple Zero yogurt and freezing for a tasty snack!

*Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pudding – this tasty treat does a nice job of taming my sweet tooth in the evenings with out destroying my calorie goals!

*Ancient Grains Pizza Crust – a splurge! But intend to make BBQ Chicken pizza using grilled chicken, mushroom, jalapeños, and light on the BBQ & cheese.

*Fresh Lemon Dill Hummus – this hummus is awesome! End of story. Most refreshing snack (with carrots) ever!!

*Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky – I don’t dis the beef when it comes to jerky! Each serving packs 15 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat, and only 90 calories.  Girl wants protein and girl doesn’t want tons of calories…enter in the jerky for a good snacking choice!

Seems that I am set go for healthy eats this week, which means there is NO excuse not to keep everything healthy that enters my mouth! Planning ahead and preparing ahead is very helpful.  All the above yumminess in addition to my IsoLean Pro Strawberry protein shake, and I am set! Are you preapred with your eats for the week?  If not, try to make a game plan this week so you get all you need at the grocery this coming weekend & make it happen for next week. JUST DO IT!

How I feel currently on this Cleanse Day Monday….

hungry - Copy

…but it is totally worth it! Cleanse Days:  cleans the body and strengthens the mind!!  Interested in more info? Please reach out! I’d love to share details of the weekly cleanse process and how you can get involved (if after we chat it sounds like a commitment you want to make). I would rather chat with you first, but if you just want to check it out for yourself and get started, visit:

And a little FITspiration to finish off this Monday:


Suns out, Guns out!!