Home + Slow, Steady Progress

There really is nothing like home, especially once you move away from it. This weekend I slept in my own bed, I enjoyed a shower that has the best water pressure ever (cannot beat Mom & Dad’s water pressure…seriously perfect!!), I attended mass at the church I grew up in, I ran on the hilly back road route I always used to enjoy in high school / my college summers, I enjoyed a solid strength session in one of my favorite local gyms, and best of all…spent quality time with my family — all in 1.25 days.  Home…it just doesn’t get any better than home. ❤


Sunday RUNday – Enjoyed the Hilly Back Roads of Southern Indiana

I weighed myself on Friday morning and made it my goal to weigh in today (Monday morning), after a weekend at home, at the same weight.  I wasn’t aiming to lose any, but instead strived to simply maintain.  This morning I was surprised to see I was 1 pound under my Friday weigh-in…whoop, whoop!

Since purchasing the Withings scale and beginning to track my weight again daily (starting last Monday), I’ve lost 3.8 pounds!  At the same time I started tracking my weight, I also incorporated these two products into my daily healthy living regimen:


Probiotic + Digestive Enzymes

Probiotics are living microorganisms that are very similar to those found in your gut.  Not to be confused with Prebiotics, which are dietary fibers that help feed the friendly bacteria already present in your gut (called your gut flora”). There are dozens of different probiotic bacteria, and they have several important functions to aid your health.  When you ingest probiotics, you are providing your gut with more the healthy bacteria it needs for top notch digestion and synthesis of various vitamins & short-chain fats.

(You can read more into probiotics on Healthline – the source of the above info)

Digestive Enzymes are substances produced by our bodies that help us digest the foods we eat.  They are secreted by various parts of our digestive system to help break down food components such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  Adequate breakdown allows the nutrients to be fully absorbed into our bloodstream in order to support all the cellular functions of our bodies.

(You can read more on digestive enzymes on verywell health – the source of the above info)

I take 1 probiotic capsule every morning on an empty stomach and 1 digestive enzyme capsule with my dinner each evening. Since incorporating them into my health regimen over the past week, I have noticed less bloating in my belly, more regularity due to better digestion, an increase in energy, and weight loss (not sure if the weight loss is completely attributed to the probiotics/digestive enzymes, but I am not ruling it out!).


If you would like more info on either or both products, please reach out to me on Facebook or email me at KTfitness23@gmail.com.  I would love to share more information with you and help you get your “gut flora” under control. It truly is so important for balance in your body!  I honestly can’t believe I waited this long to incorporate them into my daily regimen.


Monday means two things:  It was a CLEANSE day (so I am hungry, but yet very energetic!), and it was a GYM day (because you never miss a Monday)!  Did you get your workout in today?

More to come, but until next time:





Withings, Weekend, and Cleansing

First off – I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Mine included painting, puzzle work, the Broadway musical Chicago, and some quality gym time.


Saturday’s gym schedule included a BodyPUMP 104 + CX Worx (strenth & core) combo followed by the sauna.  I was feeling very fatigued the rest of Saturday…which is signs of a SOLID workout! Score!! Sunday’s gym session included 7 dreadmiles with uphill intervals (slow and stead climbs at 6.4 speed and incline 5.0 for 2 minute intervals) and little bursts of speed for the final 2 miles on flat ground.

One of my resolutions/goals for 2019 is to look at the weekend as I do weekdays.  You don’t have a sound daily diet in place if you always go “off the wagon” on the weekends.  I’ll admit (both hands raised high) that it has been my mindset for some time.  I tend to do well during the week, but indulge on the weekends with more calories and unhealthier choices while using the excuse “it’s the weekend.”  That has come to a stop in January.  I am going back to treating every day as one filled with quality choices and a game plan of meals and set intentions at the start of the day.  I was proud overall at my weekend success at staying “on track.” – Do you ever find yourself straying from your normal eating habits on the weekend?  Do you find it hinders your overall progress towards your goals?  If so, change your mindset. Every day is equal – there is no week day or weekend when it comes to how you plan and make your food choices.

updated sunday brunch

Sunday Post Workout Breakfast/Brunch

Sunday breakfast/brunch (above) after the morning dreadrun included three eggs (2 were whites only and 1 whole) with onions, green peppers, a bit of shredded Italian blend cheese and hot sauce. A toasted multi-grain bun on the side (because carbs sounded SO good after the sweaty run!).

Exciting news!! – This weekend I received my Withings Body+ body composition scale.  How do you excited about a scale, you ask?  Well…it tracks my weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and water percentage each day. Then (the best part and the main reason behind why I purchased the scale),it sends the information directly to the HealthMate app on my phone.  Tracking made nice and easy! I can see my progress charted right on my phone (or the opposite, but I’m not going for that direction!) daily.  I think this great buy will help me to stay on track and motivate me to strive for progress in areas other than just my weight – since it tracks my body fat % and muscle mass!



Withings Body+ Bluetooth Digital Scales & HealthMate App

Not to change the topic, but if you are in to musicals, I highly recommend the Broadway show CHICAGO.  The performance was very entertaining and the actors/actresses were AMAZING! 

Today was back to the daily grind and that included “Cleanse Day Monday.”  I plan to go into more detail about this in my next post, but my Mondays (and now frequently part of Tuesday) entail drinking 4 oz. of cleanse formula four times throughout the day and downing LOTS of water…

You’d think it would make you feel sluggish and horrible (I know it doesn’t sound fun or exciting), but honestly…it rejuvenates you! Cleansing allows your body to NOT have to focus on digestion (which is a big job that it is always spending ample time on during each day – especially if you are one who eats six mini meals a day). Cleansing gives the body an opportunity to focus on rebuilding and refreshing other systems of the body that sometimes do not get enough attention! The last bite of food in my mouth was at 8:00PM on Sunday.  Tonight, I was able to hammer down at the gym after work with a major sweat in cycling class followed by running two dreadmiles. I have more energy on days I cleanse than on days I eat – weird, isn’t it? It’s now 9:00PM and I am still going strong with nothing of substance. Whoop, whoop!

Cleanse days…they definitely allow me to appreciate food and the meals I am able to prep and eat throughout the week.  They help me to break my emotional bond to food that I struggle with on a daily basis. 

Want more info?  Stay tuned for more on my next post. Until then…

never miss a monday