All About Me

To give you a quick background:

I am 25 years old and a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington (Go HOOSIERS!) with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science. It was a great four years! Almost daily I wish I could go back to IU and do it all again because I enjoyed it so much.

I was accepted into the Doctor of Optometry program as I was finishing up my undergrad studies. I completed one semester at IUSO before deciding to take a leave from the program. Optometry is an AWESOME career choice, I was just not convinced it was my calling. Today, I am still undecided. Part of me feels as though I will without a doubt find my way back to an OD program in the future, but the other part of me feels as though the path I will travel down may also lead me to something different.

At the present time, I am living at home with my Mom & Dad.  Not exactly where I saw myself returning after college, but sometimes you just have to take the cards you are delt.  I love my parents & most days I do not mind living with them at all. I do see myself finding my own place in the near future; however, be it near home or someplace far & new, I am not quite certain of that yet.

Ever since coming home from OD school & deciding not to return, I have worked at the local YMCA in the town neighboring my hometown. I started at the Y doing simple jobs as needed, then began teaching group exercise classes. After being there for a several months, I accepted a position as the part-time Wellness Program Coordinator, and have just recently accepted a new role as Director of Healthy Living. Under this title, I now head up both the Membership and Wellness areas of our Y.

Given that I work at the Y, I am sure you can guess that I LOVE Fitness & Nutrition.  However, even though I graduated with a degree in Nutrition Science, I still struggle on & off with continuous healthy eating habits.  In the past 7 or 8 years, I have gone through ‘nutrition spurts’ where I am ALL about healthy & nutritious foods.  Healthy, healthy, healthy! is all I can think about. Then, it seems like when I go through a difficult or challenging point in my life (as we all do at times), I get thrown off the beaten path & struggle with my eating habits. Each time I have fallen off course, I always have managed to find my way back to getting healthy & fit, thankfully.

Commiting to a healthy lifestyle is becoming more challenging in today’s world of SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR, refined carbs, high fat fast foods, & more SUGAR! For most, it takes dedication & will power to be able to turn down the many delicious high calorie foods that are available to us today.

I have created this blog to help you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, as I myself continue to make changes to find my way there.  My diet isn’t perfect by any means, but by sharing with you the healthy meals & snacks I consume on a daily basis I am hoping you can gain ideas on how to make your meals healthier & more satisfying. We all have slip-ups, and I plan to share mine with you in order to make you aware that you are not alone in your struggles.

Posting my workouts (I LOVE workouts!…one of my favorite quotes is “I feel like home when I walk in to the gym.” <– so TRUE!) on a daily basis will hopefully give you the motivation you need to get to the gym. Maybe it will give you helpful ideas on how to change up your routine (if you are that someone who does the same ritual at the gym on a daily basis!)…but even I go through periods where I ONLY want to do ONE thing in the gym. So, sorry in advance if my workout page begins to look repetitive at times. I know changing things up on a daily basis in the gym is best, but I LOVE routine so sometimes I just have to keep it the same.

Follow me as I share with you my advice, my struggles, and my journey as an individual always striving to achieve a higher level of health and fitness.

My first piece of advice is this…

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