Can you believe it is already Sunday FUNday?! Where do the weekends fly off to, anyway?

After a relaxing Saturday night out with a good friend (grabbed a quick dinner at McAlister’s before heading to the theater to see The Choice – great movie…book is better, as always!), I set my alarm early so I was sure to complete a good run before church. I laced up the new Adidas and took off. The run was not as awesome as I anticipated (having been coming off a rest day), but it was still an enjoyable 6.2 followed by a little AB work.

I stopped halfway into my miles to snap a quick picture & just say to myself “wow!” ~ I decided to take a pic of exactly what motivates me to get out of bed on chilly (Sunday) mornings for miles:

I am greeted by this on most of my morning miles. From darkness to…downright breath-taking. Nothing like a fresh morning sunrise.

After church, it was time to cross of some home To Dos and visit my parents. Work, then play…that’s usually how I operate. Actually, I prefer: Workout, work, then play ~ if I get my choice!

The afternoon made for the PERFECT day to hit the trails at Ferdinand Forest (for what felt like a spring-day hike). A friend and I spent two hours hiking the forest trails ~ Southridge & Foxy Hollow are where we ventured today. Time flew by because of the beautiful day and the non-stop conversation. Enjoying the great outdoors is definitely one of my favorite pass times, especially on such a gorgeous day!!

Dinner this evening was well earned, simple, and hit the spot:

Grilled chicken, a Laughing Cow pepper cheese spread, a few turkey pepperonis, and asian slaw all wrap up in a wheat wrap with a side of fresh, oven roasted green beans. ~ Wraps…are definitely my favorite (which you probably knew already).

I hope you all are enjoying the Super Bowl and are remembering the ‘M’ word (moderation) if you are somewhere with lots of party foods to munch on.

I would be sure to get your goals written out before you turn in for the night ~ then you are sure to start Monday off right.

If you’ve lost your motivation (we all do, no worries) then try getting in tune to your WHY. You can list out goals and what you’d like to achieve, but if you want to increase your chances of achievement & make sure you have success, then it is just as important to have REASONS to back them up. The WHYs behind your hard work is what keeps you coming back day after day.

Until next time, keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!! Take the good days along with the bad, and just keep on moving. Tomorrow you get a fresh blank canvas…what will you fill it with this week?