The long lost blog…oh, how I have missed you.  One of these days (very soon) I plan to make you a priority again.

So to fill you in on life since 2016 got underway:

Since the first week of January, goal setting has been happening every Sunday night.  I’ve been writing down anything that goes into my body (#foodisfuel) each day and tracking my workouts through the week (what I do each day & the calories I burn).  In order to set measureable and achievable goals every Sunday night, I am making sure to do daily weigh-ins (I really hate these) and weekly BodyFAT testing. 

workout page  goals page

It takes 12 weeks for YOU to see results on your body from new habits implemented (or from varying workouts), so with it only being five weeks into the New Year, I cannot say I really notice that much difference yet (bummer); however, the scale seems to be steadily (yet slowly) decreasing and the BodyFAT is down by a 1%.  Progress…is progress. So I will be accepting of it.

The goal is to find my way back to my summer 2015 leanness BY SUMMER 2016 (however, the sooner the better)…where abs were clearly visible on any given day of the week.

summer abs

1% down, and likely another 2-3% lower needed to see these Abs!!

The running mileage logged was low in January – 81.4 total (most of which were completed on a dreadmill at the Y).  The cold and the wearing of wornout running shoes had my feet hurting and my motivation low for miles.  After waiting several weeks, I have finally received my package (TODAY!!) in the mail containing my new Adidas kicks…and I cannot wait to try them out!  The last two pairs of running shoes I purchased were Adidas Energy Boost, and I could not settle for anything different.  I LOVE THEM!!


Bring on the February miles now!! Outside or on a dreadmill, I do not care…just excited my feet will no longer hurt from worn out tennies.

And finally, the 2016 change that has been hardest to endure thus far is my decision to give up the tasty red stuff (wine).  With the new year, I made it my own challenge to see if I could go SIX FULL WEEKS with not even one glass of wine.  Today marks FIVE solid weeks that I have been wine-less (I’ll pat myself on the back for that!!)…and one of those weekends even included a family wedding where a nice dry red was served (talk about hard to resist!).  I’ve had to come to terms with not “looking forward” to a glass of red wine as my treat at the end of each long day.  Some days have been very hard and I just want to give in and have one little glass…but then that voice inside of me says: “You are NOT a quitter.  You need to prove to yourself you can do this…and you CAN (and will) do it!  Just think of the end feeling of accomplishment, and…suck it up, Sally.”  With only one final week to go, I am in the home stretch and looking forward to the completion of the challenge, in which I will celebrate the victory with a glass of my favorite – bring it on, already!!

wine soon

Other than those happenings, I have no major complaints about life.  The days are flying by and I have learned to take them one by one.  By Friday evenings, my body and my mind are shot, which I am ok with – this tells me I have worked hard and tried my best all week long. 

My Friday night (last night) entailed a visit from a friend, followed by a night of relaxation through coloring + reading a Runner’s World.  Call me 80 years old, but that’s just my kind of Friday night.  And a clear indicator of my level of energy by the time Friday evening rolls around.

color friday 

color page complete

First page from the adult relaxation coloring book…complete!

 Today (Saturday) was going to be a RUN DAY, but by the way my body felt this morning it was converted into a REST DAY.  If there is any scheduled exercise at all, it will be a power walk outdoors later on this afternoon.  image Saturday Lunch-time Salad!

I hope you all have been doing well and I look forward to getting back to the blog soon.  My schedule should become slightly more flexible in March, so I hope to be back in full force at that time.  Keep up all your hard work and keep working towards the goals you’ve made for yourself in 2016.  I always remind myself that “Change is a process…and a process takes TIME.”

So with that:


Molding your body into the best it can be…it doesn’t happen overnight.

Until next time….keep the eats healthy and the workouts sweaty!!  Take the good days along with the bad, and just keep on moving.