Happy Halloween!

I will be glad when this holiday is over. ~ Too much candy corn and other sweet treats for me to stick my hands into at the Y throughout this week.  Most weeks I would have no problem passing it up, but when stress levels are HIGH, as they were this week, then it is much more challenging for me to steer clear.  I crave sugary, not-good-for-you things when I am stressed….which is why I prefer to live in a stress-free state (but that sometimes is just NOT possible).  I had several co-workers say “Are you going to eat that?!” this week at the Y as I stuck a piece of candy corn or a gummy eyeball in my mouth.  They could not believe I was openly eating junk-food at my desk (…and neither could I!!).  

Even though I had some junk this week, I also had my fair share of healthy eats!! Including this tasty Friday evening dinner:


Baked Salmon + one LARGE & in charge Salad!!

This morning was an early rise and shine for a 5:45AM gym session before final preparations for the Y’s Annual Monster Dash 5k Run/Walk got underway.  It was a combination of miles + strength training:


After the gym session, I had to high-tail it to the locker room to shower and prepare for the Monster Dash.  Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the morning, I made a HUGE mistake and ate nothing before or after the gym session (HORRIBLE IDEA!!).  I believe it was nearly 11:00AM (after the race had come to an end and clean-up had begun) before the first bite of food hit my mouth.  Want to know what it was?  4 banana halves (so two full bananas) + 6 or 8 (I lost count…but I’ll go with 8 to weigh on the high side) of these sandwich cookies, both of which were left over from the post-race snacks:

Monster Dash cookies

And THAT is why you should NOT (ever) go without eating for 6 hours after you rise and rise, especially when there is a workout stuck in the mix.  Because when you do finally get to eat, you will eat WHATEVER is in sight (and regret it soon thereafter).

After Monster Dash wrapped up, it was home for a bit of relaxing followed by a healthy salad.  The afternoon flew by, but guilt continued to plague me from eating those damn cookies.  I know you cannot outrun (or out exercise) your eating habits (I know, I know, I know!), but today I was willing to try for peace of mind. 


A slow, steady, enjoyable 7.0 miles on Treadmill #5.

My intentions heading back to the Y were just simply to put in 4 comfortable miles on the ‘mill.  Less intensity would help burn off the fat from those cookies!!  I put my headphones on and started singing to my favorite tunes (literally out loud at times, since I was the only one in the gym!!) and before I knew it, I had seven enjoyable miles under my belt.  Mission accomplished…and then some!!

Note to self:  Do NOT expect to ever outrun your fork — in order to not have to try, just stick to HEALTHY EATING!! 

image (4)

Well, there you have it.  KT’s UNHEALTHY eats for the week and for Halloween.  Yes, I struggle with my eating habits at times just like you.  The main thing is that you don’t let it become a routine occurrence – that is why I am ready for a fresh, new day tomorrow that will entail ONLY healthy selections. 

Until next time…

image    Please?!