I like to view life as a bunch of rolling hills.  The peaks of the hill tops being the high points in life, and the valleys between the low points.  I consider the hill-tops the times when all things in my life are balanced (Life is Good):  work, relationships (friends & family), fitness, faith …they all feed off of one another.  The valleys (Life is Not-so-Good) tend to be when a negative comes into one area throwing off the balance, which often trickles into another area, which affects another area….and pretty soon you are just like “I WANT TO BE BACK ON THE HILLTOP!  WHAT HAPPENED?!”  Ever been there? 

photo (25)

Well, I have been in a valley recently and I am ready to start climbing the next hill.  Life here on the ranch (I don’t really live on a ranch!!) has been unbalanced the past several weeks (sad-face inserted here) — I have been trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle that will balance it back out.  It is a work in progress.  I won’t go into details, but just know that even though I try to keep to the positives in my blog…my life is not always ‘all positive, all the time.’  When one area is hurting, it usually has a negative spin on every part of my life…including my fitness habits & motivation.  Hints why I have been MIA for several weeks now – LACK OF MOTIVATION!!

But on to a positive note:

photo (31)

I am seeing a little change in my core since I designated October as “Bring the Six Pack Back” month.  Even though I have not stayed on track like I planned, I still have one week to make progress!  That means, it is “crunch” time (HAH!).

After battling sickness all last week and severe fatigue along with it (or from it?), today was the first day I seemed to have nearly 100% energy back.  I took advantage of it, too:  4.7 beautiful miles around Ferdinand after church

photo (30)

followed by a 1 mile warm-up before a tough sweat session in the gym with the strength training partner. 

photo (28)

The miles felt amazing.  It was a perfect day for a road run…well, any run, really.  I do NOT want these fall days to end. 

photo (29)

Tasty post-workout lunch salad loaded with protein (grilled chicken + 2 eggs, hold the yolks)

I cannot do anything but be outside when the weather is 65 and sunny like today, so I opted to spend the afternoon on the golf course.  Played a quick nine holes in perfect conditions.  Great way to wrap up Sunday FUNday.

photo (27)

Grilled Chicken in baked wonton wraps with a (LARGE) side of veggies!!

I am off to set my goals for the week, plan the workout schedule, and read up on some fitness methods (my friend hooked me up with TONS of fitness-related reading material in time for winter…I AM PUMPED!!).  I have become lazy on meal prep the last few weeks, which in turn leads to lazy on my eating habits (sad-face here…again).  One goal is to hammer down this week and get back to routine meal prep & planning for the entire week.  It makes all the difference in how I fuel my body.  Why wouldn’t you meal prep?!  I mean, you are setting yourself up for success! (<—that was more because I just needed to hear that, but I knew it would benefit you to hear it, too!).

cant stop thinking about it

Until next time, keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty.