Oh how the weekends fly by. 

Saturday morning came quick and it started with an awesome GYM session!  It was a strength session with a bit of running intermixed.  I had a gym partner this weekend who wanted to see what my Saturday gym sessions entailed.  She had never strength trained with me before, but I was happy to have her joining in the FUN!! She did AWESOME!  I was impressed with her strength and her attitude (the workout totaled about 1 hour and 40 minutes…she did zero whining during the lengthy session and did not bow out early, even though I gave her the option to do so). 

Saturday’s Workout:

photo (25)

Total Calorie Burn:  900

I spent Saturday with my sister and my niece.  I love when my niece comes to visit because I just smile and laugh ALL THE TIME.  She is a little ball of energy and always puts me in good mood.  She is starting to make sentences with her words now and I just love to hear her talk.  She calls me “Tate-T.”

Saturday evening the fam and I ventured out to a little local restaurant for dinner.  Normally I would order a grilled chicken chef salad (not sure I have ever ordered anything but that at this particular restaurant), but Saturday night I was ready to “live a little.”  The girl who hardly ever touches dark meat (cannot remember the last time I ate hamburger, steak, pork, etc.) and who NEVER eats ribs…ordered the special:  BBQ Ribs.  My dad just could not believe it when I told the waitress what I wanted. 

 image-03 (5)

BBQ Ribs + Baked White Potato (woah…what in the world?!)

The ribs must have tasted delicious, because I ate all but one.  I also ate half a baked potato (a white one) with a bit of ketchup (do not dis it until you try it).  After that, my tummy was full and I was still unsure why in world I had decided to order ribs.  YOLO.

Sunday was church followed by a run on an absolutely gorgeous day.  It was not a fast run (well, parts of it were sprints around the track…but besides that), but it was mighty enjoyable.  Some say you cannot run from your problems (be they big or small), but I say you can.  Maybe that’s because when I run, I tend to not think about anything but the road ahead. 

image-01 (9)

Later afternoon and evening were spent having fun and enjoying the company of Y friends.  A couple (whom I met through the Y) invited over several couples (who also attend the Y) and myself for a social gathering at their home.  We spent the afternoon hiking on their 40 acres of woods & trails (some nice, large hills we climbed for sure!), enjoying a healthy dinner outdoors, and conversing about this, that, and the other thing.  As the night wrapped up with me line dancing on the patio (we learned two basic line dances, too!), I could not help but just smile and enjoy the moment as I thought to myself:  “Age is merely a number.”  Why?  Because I was having a blast with individuals who were 20+ years older than myself.  Some could potentially have passed as my parents, but that is the beauty of life — it’s all about who you spend it with.  And I was so lucky to be spending my Sunday FUNday with such an inspiring, entertaining group.  Their idea of an enjoyable Sunday was right up my alley.

image (10)

Post RUN lunch:  NO more wraps for a while…it has not become yummy salads

Tomorrow is Monday and that means back to the daily grind.  It also means getting back on track with eating habits. 

image (8)


Mondays are my favorite for the above reason, so bring it on!

Until next time, keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!