Sometimes, you just have to listen to your body. 

I am not one for naps (rarely will I breakdown and make time for one), but this evening was an exception.  This week has 

The week consisted of three early morning runs of 5 or so miles each, plenty of group exercise classes, and two early morning lifting sessions (one of which was this morning following a 6AM rise & shine). 

The workout today was kept to back, arms, and a bit-o-core since fresh legs will be most beneficial for the Honest Abe 14k Trail Run tomorrow morning! 


A bit of #fitspiration for the back-side.  #workforit

A portion of my workout was adopted from an Oxygen Magazine link that came across my Facebook newsfeed.  And let’s just say…it will be making another appearance!

photo (6)

HAH!  — #perfect

After the warm-up mile run (I always start my strength sessions off with a 1 mile warm-up run…I pop in the ear buds and listen to a current favorite song or two in order to get PUMPED UP!!), I did a series lift today:

* 4 front squats + 4 overhead presses + 4 split jerks = 1 set

Completed a total of 6 working sets at 75# & 80# with 30 seconds rest between.  Even though the series/complex lifts at the start of the workout are tough (they make me SWEAT lots!), they are my FAV & I feel like I keep getting stronger because of them (whoop, whoop). 

oxygen back workout

Workout/Running/Goal Notebook! – Do you keep one?

After the workout I refueled with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar and a Thrive BOOST shake (I just recently got a new shipment & I am EXTREMEMLY excited to have them back in my life each morning.  They

image-03 (3)

Breakfast Le-Vel BOOST (superfoods mix) with Almond/Coconut Milk + Frozen Blurbs

After a full Saturday of go, go, go post the morning workout, I decided it was time to listen to my body and just STOP for a bit.  I always know when I am in fatigue mode because I tend to get the munchies and just want to eat anything (and everything).  Instead of eating late this afternoon when I arrived home, I decided to bypass the kitchen and head straight for my bed — fell asleep with my phone in hand before I had the chance to set an alarm.  An hour later, I woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER.  Sometimes, naps are a good thing. 

Dinner was a change-up tonight (Seriously?!…Yes, seriously.  For once, I am eating something besides a chicken wrap!).

image (8)

Baked Chicken topped with Pesto, Fresh Tomato Slices, and a blend of Italian Cheeses on top….it doesn’t look the greatest, but it tasted the greatest!

The above chicken bake was super easy to make.  Started with a fresh piece of Miller chicken breast from the fridge & topped it with about 1-2 Tablespoons of Pesto sauce.  Sliced up two fresh tomatoes to throw on top with a generous portion of an Italian cheese blend.  Baked for 30 minutes on 385 degrees.

To go with the chicken bake:

image-01 (7)

Baked Sweet Potato topped with Low-Sodium Season Salt + Crushed Peppercorn. 

Sweet potatoes…doesn’t get much better than a sweet potato! And, it is an excellent pre-race veggie to load me up with usable carbs tomorrow on the trails. 

It should be a perfect morning for trail miles.  I feel tired, but at the same time ready to run…because life is better when you’re running. 🙂

life better when you are running

Time for a “home-made” pumpkin chocolate chip muffin (it is healthified, no worries) and compiling a tunes playlist for the trails tomorrow.  Hoping for another blog post tomorrow evening if time allows…so until next time:  Keep your eats healthy & your workouts sweaty.