I have officially decided that I need a day between Saturday and Sunday.  There is just not enough time in a weekday or in a weekend.  I just cannot believe it is already Sunday evening.  Where in the world did the weekend go?

Saturday’s workout was spent outdoors on the trails at Lincoln State Park.  Even though I was running, it was seriously the most relaxing part of my entire day.  The weather was simply put:  Perfect. 

Adidas said it well: 

“A run begins the moment you forget you are running.”

image (5)

One portion of my trail run was spent in deep thought, with my body moving forward along the trails via muscle memory (I’m pretty sure) because I was oblivious to everything but my thoughts.  When I snapped out of it, I just remember thinking to myself:  How in the world did I not trip over a tree root?!…Impressive!

image-01 (6)

Final stretch of the 10.5 miler.

When I run on trails, I generally tend to put one ear-bud in and leave one out.  I love listening to music while I run, but always love to hear the sounds of nature…so I get the best of both worlds.  For those of you who LOVE tunes as much as me, here are some of my top songs on the running playlist these days:

  • Let Us Love – Needtobreathe
  • John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 – Keith Urban
  • Beautiful World (Radio Edit) – Blasterjaxx & DBSTF featuring Ryder
  • More Time – Needtobreathe
  • 1901 – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
  • Heroes (We Could Be) –Alesso featuring Tove Lo
  • Burnin’ Up – Jessi J featuring 2 Chainz
  • GDFR – Flo Rida

Saturday evening my family celebrated my grandmother’s 84th Birthday.  It was so nice to get together with all of our family and spend time with one another – something I feel we do less of now than when I was growing up.  You know that with a birthday celebration usually comes cake + ice cream, and my Nanny’s birthday was no exception.  After dinner at the Schnitz (I got the yummy salad bar with a glass of Cabernet), I enjoyed a Milky Way cheesecake brownie & too much vanilla ice cream.  Instead of beating myself up about it like I normally would, I found I was content with my choice to indulge.  I looked at it as my “cheat meal” for the weekend and moved on.

I snapped this pic before dinner on Saturday night.  My Nanny has always told me how much she loves my smile, so I had to make sure to wear it on her Birthday.  I am so thankful to have her in my life.  She is by far the strongest women I have ever met.  For all the support and encouragement she has given me year after year, the least I can do for her each time I visit is wear my smile.    image-02

No matter how you feel…You’ve got to get up.  Dress up.  Show Up.  Never give up.  And always smile.

Sunday morning brought on church and gym time.  I am continuing to get stronger in the gym, and love my strength sessions more and more as they become more complex.  Today, though, was an exception.  I did NOT feel like going to the gym, but went anyways.  It was not a great strength session, but I just remind myself that it is better than nothing at all.  I beat the person sitting on the couch. 

image-01 (2)

Post Workout Lunch:  Salmon (thank-you to my boss for making me some salmon on the big green egg…it tasted AMAZING!!) + Veggies with ginger sauce.

This evening I enjoyed some golf (38 on nine holes…it was awesome weather that allowed me to bring my A-game) before dinner.  Golf in the fall months is the BEST!  I love being out in nature and hitting the little white ball – great end to a great weekend. 

photo (24)

Post Golf Dinner:  Turkey Burger with Avocado, Mustard & Asian Slaw + Sweet Tater + small helping of Homemade Chili (it is soup season, people!!!)

My goal is blog again once this week (I must make time!) in order to keep you posted on my eating habits, as my goal is to eat high protein and allow my carbs to only come from veggies and the occasional serving of rice.  What is your goal for the week?  This is one of my nutrition goals, and I have exercise goals as well (if you do not, then you need to get on this!  Goals are SO important!!) This coming weekend is the Honest Abe 14k Trail Run, so I need to keep the eats healthy and the body strong. 


  In my college days I used to diet & exercise…but these days I eat (give my body the nutrients it needs to make it through tough workouts) & train (gym time + running + group exercise classes).

Now get some goals on paper & have a great week.  Until next time…keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty.