My my, how the weekends fly by!!

Yesterday morning started out with an AWESOME gym session with outdoor hill sprints intermixed & track time at the finish.  I woke up really wanting to lift weights, but also wanting to enjoy the LOVELY Saturday morning.  Since time allowed, I decided to do both!!

photo (20)

This would be me after the Saturday morning sweat session!!

Since I am out of Quest Bars currently (and have yet to order another supply), I have been using UMP Cookies & Cream shakes made with water and 1/2 cup of Almond/Coconut milk as recovery shakes or pre-workout shakes.  They have actually been quite a tasty change-up. 


I eat a LOT of chicken throughout the week…every week.  I will not eat red meat, so chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs are usually my GO TO for protein (and Quest bars/protein shakes).  Turkey is even a little if-y these days.  Sometimes I will eat it, but most times…No thanks.  I am honestly getting a little “chickened-out” these days, so I decided to grab these chicken sausages to try that were next to the chicken I picked up at Grounded on Friday. 

image (6)

Left are the Chicken Sausages & Right is the Miller chicken I always buy.

image-02 (3)

It is a wrap…but with chicken sausage, not chicken!! – A little different…whoop, whoop!

I was needing to give my favorite necklace a shine this weekend because the cooper was looking like this:

photo (5)

Dull and tarnished compared to what it looked like when I received it (from one AMAZING group exercise participant at the Y!!)

I Googled how to shine copper and figured out that to place it into a mixture of vinegar and salt works wonders.  I should have known that…that is chemistry, people!! But anyways, being the new home-owner that I am, I had no vinegar in my cabinets and no salt (I have several containers of pepper since I put it on practically everything, but no salt).  I did some thinking and then managed to improvise: pickle juice from canned pickles given to me by my mother & a bit of low sodium seasoning salt I use on my sweet potatoes.  It did the trick and shined my necklace up quite nicely! So, if ever you need to shine copper, you now know another combination that would do the trick!! LOL.


Saturday night was a night out with some MULs (Mich Ultra Lime), socializing, and a bit of dancing.  I honestly drank all 3 MULs pretty guilt-free after having completed the kick-a*% morning sweat session. Normally I would say “all good things in moderation” but Saturday night was an exception to the rule…and I loved it!!

image (5)

What?!  You’re going out for some FUN tonight? (the joke at work is that I have NO fun. Ever. All business, all the time. <—but that is wrong!!) — YES I AM!! 

The late night was totally worth it!!  However, it made it nearly impossible for me to rise and shine at my early alarm for a run before church as planned.  I opted to save the run for after church and head for the trails. 

Let’s just say, I am a morning runner and enjoy the cool temps that come with that.  The noon run at Lincoln…was a FAR CRY from cool.  It was so humid that by the end of my eight-miler, I seriously looked like I had just stepped out of the shower.  It was…gross.   

excuses or results

I am quite proud of myself for making it through that hell-of-a-run today.  I was not super motivated to go to the trails in the first place, so for me to even attempt it was a great start.  I could have used excuse after excuse to stop once I got going, but I didn’t.  I just kept telling myself to RUN.  To KEEP GOING.  It is crazy how much harder a run becomes when humidity steps into play.  Even though the trail run was not exactly enjoyable today, it made me stronger in many ways.

Well, I am off to write out some goals in my new “fitness” notebook I bought since I used the last page in my current one.  Do you keep a fitness journal with all your workouts, goals, and eating habits logged?  If not…you totally should start! 

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine.

Until next time…keep your eats healthy & your workouts sweaty!