Saturday…lake day!! But before the lake was a list of TO DOs that included an AWESOME morning workout.

The morning sweat session concluded with a total calorie burn of right at 1000. Woah. ~ What does that mean, exactly? Well, for one: it means that it was one challenging strength + cardio session, and two: that I believe the overall metabolic rate is improving…whoop, whoop! (<– This is due to the gym sessions over the past several months that have involved heavy weight supersets and circuits + high intensity cardio.) Building muscle. Burning fat. The perfect combo.


If you want make progress in the gym, then you have to learn to leave your comfort zone. If the workout is hard & you feel like quitting during it, then you are probably doing it right. Don’t quit! ~ I added up the total number of burpees in my Saturday sweat session and came to 85 (45 intermixed in the strength portion of my workout & 40 total at the track where I did one lap sprint followed directly by 10 burpees x4) Do you think I like burpees? No. But do I know they get my heart rate up & are great for pushing myself just a bit more? Yes…So I do them. End of story.

Post workout was time for a little breakfast:

A UMP Cookies-n-Cream protein shake made with Unsweetened Almond Coconut milk.

It was the perfect morning to do bleachers, burpees, and laps at the track; and, it was also a perfect morning to wash a car. Shined mine up both outside & inside after downing the protein shake (in about 1 minute…or less. Hah!)

I almost started whipping up a wrap for lunch around noon, falling into the same motions as always. I remembered my goal of trying to spice up my meals, then opted to go for a different lunch combo:

Four egg whites with one yolk – mixed with green peppers, hot jalepenos, and tomatoes. Topped the awesome egg mixture with garlic cilantro salsa. Salad greens was the side item of choice with walnuts, craisens, and a bit of Parmesan.

Two favorites (eggs & salads) combined to make a great lunch.

The morning proved to be rather productive, which meant the afternoon could be filled with blogging, boating, and enjoying time with this gem:

I love when J comes to visit!! I don’t think I ever stop smiling when she is here.

Boating is in progress as I type and it is quite relaxing.

Catching rays, reading Runner’s World, and enjoying one guilt-free MUL while spending time with the family. #doesntgetmuchbetter

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Until next time…keep the eats healthy and the workouts sweaty!