Thirsty Thursday.  One of my favorite days of the week (most weeks, that is!).

A 5:55 alarm to hit the road running by 6:15 this morning.  It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL morning & my legs were ready to run (surprisingly, as I did quite a challenging gym session on Wednesday and expected them to feel fatigued).  A run like this morning is what makes getting out of bed early worth it.  Sometimes when my alarm sounds (and I feel like rolling over to hit snooze), I just have to take a few moments to lay there and go through the motions in my head – I always think through how guilty I will feel if I don’t get out for a run & how much I’d regret it the rest of the day.  Then I think about how much I enjoy being outside to watch the ‘world awaken’ as I would say.  Next, I think about how AWESOME I feel when at the end of the run.  After those thoughts, I have no trouble hopping to my feet and starting the day.

photo (3)

5.6 perfect miles this morning!!

The work day flew by – the great run definitely set me in the right mood!!   Lunch rolled around and it was time for EGGS!!  Eggs are definitely my GoTo for lunch lately.  I eat them about every weekday.  Five whites, 1 yolk, and LOTS of little tomatoes, red & green peppers, & many, many jalapeños. After the egg mixture is complete, I throw in rice or quinoa and voila…a KICK-A@% lunch that is loaded with all the wholesome nutrients (aka = protein & complex carbs) a body needs!

photo (4)

Garden Veggie Quinoa – added to egg mixture today

This evening was F.I.T. Outdoors at the Y!  Man, I love that class.  Currently it ranks right up there with Cycling as the toughest class I offer at the Y.  Both currently take the title. The group in F.I.T. tonight thoroughly impressed me. Hill sprints, tire flips, jumping lunges, agility ladder, weighted walking lunges, decline push-ups…and that does not even name it all.  The group was constantly pushing their follow group members and working together the whole time.  I seriously get this goose-bump type chill through me when I see that camaraderie & work ethic in one of my classes — It is AWESOME!!


Let’s just say that by the time I got home this evening, I was HUNGRY!! I had nothing pre-made, so went with quick & easy:

image (4)

Grilled Chicken in wheat wrap & a side of Baked Crispy Kale (YUM!!)

I have been eating WAY too many wraps for dinner.  Honestly, it is about the ONLY thing I eat for dinner anymore because it is quick and easy (and if you know what is good for you…you should NOT eat the same thing repeatedly day after day – so there…a habit I need break. ASAP).  I alternate the side time:  Chicken wrap with steamed mixed veggies. Chicken wrap with baked sweet potato. Chicken wrap with baked kale. My goal for next week:  make dinners in the morning to enjoy at night, so I am not resorting to a wrap EVERY night!

image (4)

Tomorrow is Friday and so another weekend about to get underway.  Hoping to make time for the Lincoln trails on Saturday morning, as the Honest Abe Trail Run will be here in the blink of an eye.  What does your weekend hold?  Do you plan exercise into your weekend schedule? 

I wish I could see my best friend and college room-mate this weekend.  I look at this picture every night on my bedside table and I am reminded of how much I miss her & our fun-filled college days!  The picture pretty much sums up our friendship – Katy & Katie….always up to something & always laughing!! 


Kate…it is about time for a road trip!

I hope to blog again soon, but until next time:  Keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!

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