Saturday…mine did not start by sleeping in.  Are you kidding me…who does that?  I feel guilty if I even sleep in past 7AM anymore these days.  Instead, it was rise and shine at 6:30 (actually a half hour later than my normal alarm) for some quality gym time.  I hate to admit it, but this was me last night:

image (9)

Minus instructing one 30 minute Core class yesterday, I utilized my Friday as a REST day.  My body was telling me (from all the aching) it was in need of a break after the many workouts of this past week.  Since I wanted to be able to power through a tough Saturday morning gym session plus enjoy a long run and maybe some core work tomorrow, I felt it in my best interest to build in a REST day.

Saturday Morning’s Gym Session was the following (please do skip this portion if you are by no means interested in gym workouts!):

  • Warm-up: 1 mile on the treadmill
  • Complex series:  1 RDL + 1 Hang clean & Press (6 reps)
    • 6 sets total with about 30 seconds rest between each set
    • 2 sets @ 65#, 2 sets @ 70#, 2 sets @ 75#
  • Circuit (building reps) – 4 rounds total
    • Chin Ups  (reps: 7, 8, 9, and 10 on final round)
    • Box jumps (reps:  12, 14, 16, and 18 on final round)
    • Off-set push ups (reps: 14 right, 14 left, 18 right, 18 left on final round)
    • Front-loaded (40#s) Reverse Lunge (reps: 8 each leg per round)
  • Sprints – 5 total
    • 45 seconds sprint with 20 seconds rest between each
    • MPH between 9.0 – 10.5
  • Circuit Two – 4 rounds total
    • Smith Row @ 85# (6 reps per round)
    • Chest Press @ 95# (7 reps per round)
    • Cable Cross-over (7 reps per round)
    • Rear Deltoid Row (6 reps per round) – 30# dumbbells
  • Sprints – 5 total
    • Same breakdown as above
  • Circuit Three – 4 rounds total
    • Tricep Hanging Dips (8 reps per round)
    • Chest Fly with 30# dumbbells (6 reps per round)
    • Bicep Curls with EZ bar – narrow grip (8 reps per round)
    • Lateral Shoulder Raise with 20# dumbbells (6 reps per round)
    • Tricep Overhead Extension with 30# dumbbell (8 reps per round)
  • Sprints – 6 total
    • Same breakdown as above
  • 1 mile at moderate pace following sprints

Talk about a sweaty-mess…Nailed it.  The above type of workout is not one I do more than one or two times per week.  It is a bit time consuming and rather challenging, but I LOVE it!!  People sometimes ask what it would take to burn 1000 calories in the gym…well, there you have what it takes me to burn roughly 1000 in a single gym session. A lot of heavy lifting and high intensity speed work!!

After the gym session, I refueled with Almond milk, frozen Blurps, and a packet of Le-vel Boost mix.  Downed that in about two seconds, then got busy washing my car both inside and out, as well as finishing up my window washing project at my house.  They are now ALL clean & ready to be open with fresh air flowing in this Fall — already CANNNOT WAIT!!


Mid-morning snack:

Quest bar1

Lunch break:

image-01 (2)

Turkey Burger with Avocado, lettuce, tomato, spicy buffalo mustard, and Steamed Mixed Veggies

As I was doing my window cleaning (and cleaning the house after that), I had plenty of time to think.  I came to this conclusion: 

Making sacrifices, I would argue, is the hardest part of hard work.  It’s harder even than the work itself.   ~ Unknown

Ultimately, how much you are willing to SACRIFICE day after day is directly proportional (do you remember what this math term means?!) to how successful you will be in achieving your fitness goals.

The workouts I create for my gym-time are TOUGH…but a tough kind of fun that I LOVE and enjoy (<—some would argue if that is possible).  The sacrifices I sometimes have to make outside of the gym, though, are not always so fun:

  • “Sleeping in” is not a term in my vocabulary anymore.  If I do sleep in on weekends, it is usually by only an extra 20-30 minutes past the regular 6:00AM alarm – no matter what time bedtime occurs.  Whether it is waking early to get in the run/workout before the day begins, or waking early to get my TO DOs crossed off in order to make time for a workout later in the day, it’s always waking early in order to block the time I need out in each day for running or strength training. 
  • Food (= fuel) is always on my mind.  Your average Joe will eat when his belly rumbles and eat more or less what sounds appealing to him at the given time.  However, when exercise is part of your daily job, you love morning miles, and you cannot get enough of your own gym-time…you have to be sure to fuel your body with what will keep it revving at 100%.  What your body needs for its recovery and rebuilding process after a calorie torching workout may not be at all what you’d prefer to eat (heck…half the time I feel like not eating anything – that is a bad idea also), but…you learn to sacrifice.  I, for one, do not want to see all the hard work I do in the gym go to waste.
  • Will-power…it is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets (usually!).  To constantly be aware of what you are eating and how much you are eating is one battle, but another lies in the food selection process itself.  Do I ever crave junk-food and sweets….hell yes! I used to LOVE chocolate.  But now, it is a matter of sacrifice. I can eat anything I want, but I choose not to.  Why?  Because I know that regular consumption of those simple carb, sometimes high in saturated fat, sweet tooth satisfying treats will not get me any closer to reaching my fitness goals (more lean muscle and less body FAT!!), and will only make me feel guilty after I indulge in them.  I indulge every so often, but the remainder of the time it is constant talk in my head saying “Don’t touch that junk!” or “Eat this, not that!” or “You work too hard in the gym to see it all wasted on one treat.”

fat loss

  • Sometimes, it boils down to not joining in on family breakfast or dinner out with friends just because it is easier to avoid the temptation of eating foods not suitable for the daily diet.  Again, another sacrifice to keep on track towards reaching goals.  
  • Late nights out with friends are rare because 1. staying out late throws off the getting up early (and also throws off the workout following the late night out)  2. snack foods and alcoholic beverages may be the central focus 3. because I am usually so tired and worn out from the workout (or workouts) of the day or week that relaxing just sounds better.  Again, another sacrifice.  But one I sometimes make in order to keep on track towards reaching goals.

I could continue to list them, but I think you get my gist.  You have to be willing to sacrifice more and more depending on what your fitness goals entail.  Your goals may not parallel my goals, so the sacrifices we each make may not be to the same extremes.  


It boils down to finding a balance between life and the many sacrifices you make for the fitness goals you want to achieve.  The workouts make you stronger, but all the other sacrifices really are what define your passion for fitness.  I see how far I’ve come (I constantly look back at then vs. now…and WOW! Progress is what makes a fitness journey so AWESOME!!), I know where I am now, and I know what level of fitness I want to achieve.  My body is a work in progress and I love making it stronger and more fit each day, but sometimes I pay the price…with a sacrifice

For me, every sacrifice I make is totally worth it (even though some people will never quite understand that).   

What do you sacrifice for your level of fitness? Or, what don’t you sacrifice that you could to help you achieve your fitness goals?  Think on that.

Have a FANTASTIC Saturday and until next time:  Keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!