Workouts, sun, the beach, and relaxation…now I could get used to this!!

The vacation is going way too quickly, but every minute has been quite enjoyable.  I know I mentioned how challenging vacations are for me, but this one has proven to be A-OK thus far! 

The AWESOME fitness facility is allowing me to get in some killer sweat-sessions before hitting the beach.  The hand blender I brought has allowed me to stick to the morning THRIVE shake post-workout.  And the wraps (so many wraps this week!!! but all so yummy!), apples, pistachios, and Quest bars are helping me keep the eats healthy (yay!).

yes yes yes

More than anything, it is my group of “Accountability People” I have back home that is helping me to stay on track most during this vacation!  Reporting workouts as the days go by and also knowing that my goal is to report back that I maintained and not gained is what has me sticking to regimen. Oh, how thankful I am for that!  Accountability…it is KEY, without a doubt.

On to a recap of the last couple beach days:

The Tuesday morning workout consisted of 4 ocean-side miles (that resulted in blisters on the bottom of my toes…ugh.) and CX Worx for the core.

Play time on the beach:


Side Crow…ocean-side.

I did not indulge in any ice cream on Tuesday evening.  Willpower…I have it at times!! I did, on the other hand, enjoy a delicious grilled chicken wrap (I know what you are thinking…WTF, another wrap?!) with HOT & SPICY BBQ Sauce and a small portion of sweet potato fries (not quite as healthy as my baked ones I make at home, but they sure were yummy!) at a local restaurant we ventured to for dinner.

This morning the alarm sounded and it was…GYM time!!  I had planned the workout on Tuesday evening before heading to bed (yes, I like to plan my workouts ahead of time.  I make them challenging as I plan them, because once I am in the gym I like to stick the game-plan. Tough workouts on paper lead to successful sweat-sessions in the gym!!).

i love gym

I may be crazy, but I love my gym time.

The strength circuits + cardio combination this morning was a challenging one – left the gym 800 calories in the negative.  I suppose I looked to be working hard, because two fellow gym users commented to me at different times within my workout about its intensity (…that’s a first).  My reply to each of them: “Just enjoying my gym-time!!”  And that was the honest truth!

After the gym, it was time to hit the beach:


When the Garmin watch tells me I earned one Mich Ultra Lime, I listen!


Crow…on the beach!


Into Headstand…on the beach!!


Into a little Running-man…on the beach!!


That’s a wrap…it’s LUNCH! (I won’t bore you with any more wrap pics!)

This evening rolled around & it was time to clean up for dinner. I was excited (sense the sarcasm there) to show off my nice red nose (the pic does not do it justice).  I need to NOT wear my sunglasses while spending the entire day on the beach, but I cannot do that.  The sun is just TOO bright; therefore, I now have nice raccoon eyes when I remove my shades.


Dinner-ready after a day on the beach…feels SO GOOD to not be sandy!

Well, another day is done and I am off to have some ice cream before hitting the sack.  I need to carb load (hah!) for the run + CX combo I have planned in the morning.

Happy Wine Wednesday, Half-way Day, Hump Day…whatever you call it – I hope you enjoyed it!!

Until next time…keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty (and try to avoid the ice cream, unlike me.)!!