Day 2…successful and almost complete.

Dear Time:

Please slow down a bit.  You are making this vacation go WAY TOO QUICK!



This Monday started out…with GYM time!!


Found the above in a magazine today & had to snap that ~ Love it!!

Today’s Gym Session:

  • 2 quick miles on the treadmill
  • Circuit One – 4 rounds
    • Smith Squats #100 (6)
    • Single Arm Row #25 (8 each arm)
    • Lat Pulldown #80 (8)
  • 0.65 miles quick run on treadmill
  • Circuit Two – 4 rounds
    • Front-Loaded Reverse Lunges #30 (8 each leg)
    • Dumbbell (#20s) Chest Fly (7)
    • Decline Push-Ups (15)
  • 0.65 miles quick run on treadmill
  • Circuit Three – 4 rounds
    • Cable Chest Press (6)
    • Dumbbell (#15s) Overhead Push Press (8)
    • Tricep Push-ups (10)
  • 0.85 miles quick run on treadmill
  • CX Worx – Core track + 2 oblique tracks

The Garmin watch clocked this fun-filled morning gym session at 830 calories torched.  I’ll take it.  I like tracking my workouts (not just my runs) on the Garmin because it allows me to see how hard I push myself during my time in the gym.  I do not track the calories because I want to “hit” a certain calorie burn per day. No way.  What today’s 830 calorie read out did tell me: 

1.  I “KILLED-IT” in the gym this morning & pushed myself in the time I had

2.  I NEED to make sure I REFUEL my body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods through the day.  Plenty of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats so my muscles can adequately repair themselves & be ready for the next gym session. 

Nothing tastes better after a sweat-session than my THRIVE Breakfast Shake!  So, that’s what was for breakfast this morning after a much-needed shower.

This pretty much sums up the day:


Catching up on magazines and enjoying the sun, sand, and ocean waves.

Oh, you know what…the Garmin calorie count also told me this:

3.  You worked hard and that means you have earned a Mic Ultra Lime Cactus while relaxing on the beach today.

Can I get a “Whoop, whoop!!”  — Let’s just say, I now officially feel like an American being that I have finally found a beer I can handle & actually enjoy drinking. And at 95 calories per bottle, I can enjoy ONE on occasion without too much guilt.

We made dinner at the condo this evening in order to be able to spend a little more time on the beach.  I was a happy camper, since I wanted more beach time (the temperature was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!) and I would rather make my own meals – always.


KT’s Sweet Tater – chopped and topped with Cajun seasoning + Pepper


My family had salads topped with grilled chicken; however, being that I was CRAVING a yummy Cajun sweet tater, I opted to go with a wrap (Rudi’s Gluten-Free Fiesta Wrap) stuffed with Grilled Chicken.  With the chicken, I wrapped up lettuce, a bit of pesto, LC Cheese, and sliced avocado.  Mmmmm mmmm, it was OH SO GOOD!!

You probably think wraps are all I eat (and granted, I DO eat a lot of them), but it is vacation and you cannot buy out the grocery store when you are only here for one week. So, variation is limited. Plus…wraps just ALWAYS sound good to me!

Since my goal for vacation is “Maintain, don’t Gain” (I had a conversation with a couple Y gals before I left and told them my game-plan, so now I feel held accountable…Which is GREAT!!), I have opted to pass on the ice cream tonight.  However, tomorrow evening is already looking like a different story. Hah!!

Until next time…Keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!

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