Let’s rewind a bit and recap Wine Wednesday:

Wednesdays are my day to hit it extra hard in the gym, as I do not teach any group exercise classes in the morning or evenings.  I can go full force and use all I have in the gym…which I LOVE.  No conservation of energy on Wednesdays!

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The workout partner and I had the weight area at the Y all to ourselves during our lunch-time strength/cardio session.  We plugged in our own tunes and got down to business!!

KT’s Wednesday Workout (you can skip this if you are not interested in gym talk) that was completed in roughly 75 minutes:

  • 1 mile warm-up run – treadmill
  • EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) – 8 rounds:
      • Chin-ups – 6
      • Front loaded Squat to Press Overhead at 65# – 6
  • Run 0.5 miles between 7.0/8.0mph  – treadmill
  • Superset #1 (6 rounds)
      • Smith Rows at 60# – 6
      • Weighted Step Ups w/ 15# dumbbells – 10 each side
      • Good Mornings – 6
  • Run 0.5 miles between 7.0/8.0mph – treadmill
  • Superset #2 (4 rounds)
      • Walking Lunges w/ 25# overhead – 12 to 15
      • Decline Chest Press 25# dumbbells – 6
      • Lying Rear Deltoid Raise 15# dumbbells – 8
  • Run 0.5 miles quick between 7.0/8.0mph – treadmill
  • Superset #3 (4 rounds)
      • Close Grip Bench for Tris at 85# – 8
      • Lateral Shoulder Raise using Cable – 8
      • Seated Single Arm Bicep Curls 20# dumbbells – 7
  • 20 Burpees

image (3)

Give me my workout playlist + give me a gym…and I am HAPPY!!

After burning 700 cals in the workout, I decided to pull the cork on the wine a night early!


All great things in moderation!YUM!

I enjoyed the wine with my simple dinner (late dinners mean simple dinners):

image-02 (2)

All things needed for a tasty grilled chicken wrap.  Paired it with fresh roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower + the small glass of Cab.

This morning I woke up to take my first morning run as an official resident of Ferdinand! I have a taken many runs around town with my starting point being the Y…but this morning, I was able to walk right out my own front door and get moving!!  The legs were rather tired from yesterday’s gym session, but I still managed a little 3.5 miler to start my Thursday.  It was…toasty. 

I also was able to get in a nice core work session this evening since I taught CX Worx at the Y.  A small group of ladies, but we worked hard and worked up a sweat.  I need to fit more CX or gym core work into my schedule in the next week, as vacation (beach + swimsuits + sun) is quickly approaching!

This evening resulted in another late dinner by the time I finished some home To Dos, but I whipped it up quick & it tasted AMAZING! 

image (5)

Five Eggs (used 1 of the 5 yolks) beat & mixed with green onion – made scramble style (do not use milk) + Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa & Rice

The above is one of my all time favorite meals currently.  I probably eat it roughly four or five times a week (creature of habit, that I am) at the moment.  It is HIGH in awesome PROTEIN & good complex carbs, plus low in fat.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

And what is Thirsty Thursday without a glass of wine?  I enjoyed one after dinner tonight as my dessert…and it hit the spot.

The weekend — it is almost here! Whoop whoop.  Work hard tomorrow, play harder tomorrow night!  Whatever your weekend plans hold, be sure to enjoy.

i shape me

Until next time, keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!!