Oh what a…Tuesday.  This sinus infection seems to only be getting WORSE, not better.  I am so “sick” of being sick.  But, I am trying to not let it phase me too much – mental toughness, gotta love it.

Tuesday morning started with core work!  I tested out the NEW CX Worx release I downloaded this past weekend.  It totally ROCKED!  My ABS and A$@ were definitely challenged and feeling the burn by the end.  CX Worx…it is my favorite way to work my abs and glutes, hands down.

Work followed the quick morning workout.  It was lunch-making day at the Y today!  My co-worker and I like to utilize the little Y kitchen to fix some fresh, healthy eats for lunch a couple days a week.  We alternate between the cooking & the cleaning.

Our healthy eats today:

image (4)

One of my current favorite meals:

Turkey Burger on Healthy Lifestyle Wheat Bun with mashed Avocado, LC Pepper Jack Cheese, Spring Mix & Mustard with a side of Sweet Taters.

Today I decided to weigh-in and test my BodyFAT% at the Y because I realized it felt like forever since the last time I ran my numbers.  At the beginning of the year, I was checking in about once a week.  When I pulled up my excel chart on my laptop today, the last weigh-in & BodyFAT analysis I recorded was April 15th.  Woah.

I really feel like my strength and running has improved over the last couple months, but cannot say I have noticed much difference when I look in the mirror.  Well, scales said otherwise — Whoop, whoop!!


In two months, I’ve gone down 6.8 pounds and decreased my BodyFAT by 2.7% (the average percentage BodyFAT lost in a month when exercising and implementing a healthy eating regimen is 1%).  I was super excited with my results, so decided I best think about what I have been doing differently in the gym and/or with my eating habits over the past eight weeks to have allowed for this improvement.  What I determined:

  • I did start implementing MORE HEALTHY FATS on a daily basis – lots of Pistachios/Almonds/Walnut, Earth Balance Peanut Butter, Coconut Milk, and Avocados.
  • When I hit the gym, I make the workout count. Like, seriously get DOWN TO BUSINESS.  I try to lift HEAVY and intermix high intensity intervals of either running or burpees between lifting supersets on most gym days 
  • I implemented Tabata in cycling class, which I believe has caused a boost in the metabolism (it is tough, but the feeling at the end is worth it!)
  • I have kept clean eating and my workout regimen…CONSISTENT

I suppose I shall continue on with being CONSISTENT and see where it gets me.  I am 2.5% away from the BodyFAT goal I set for myself in the New Year.  And, I will get there (before 2016)!  My weight…I could care less about that number.

Cycle-n-Core class tonight (did NOT feel like instructing as the time neared, as the sinus infection had only worsened as Tuesday continued on) ended up being TOUGH, SWEATY, & of course FUN!  It was a whole new line-up tonight and I believe we all LOVED it.


Even when I don’t feel 100%, I still give 100%.  You can whine and complain about how you “don’t feel like it” or, you can NOT complain and JUST DO IT.

Post cycle class came one of my favorite times of the day:  QUEST-O’CLOCK.  What is Quest O’clock, you ask?  It is when the clock reaches the point in the day when excitement levels rise because it’s time to enjoy…a QUEST BAR!!

Quest bar

Sweat puddles in cycling = Quest Bar earned!!!

Dinner happened after many house TO DOs were accomplished and checked off my list, which ended up being about 9:00 this evening.  I know, I know…I should not eat dinner that late, but a Girl must eat!

image (3)

Baked Tilapia – one Lemon Pepper + one Garlic Sriracha seasoned (both tasted AMAZING!!) & Spring Mix greens with Walnuts, fresh Blueberries, Pepper, and a bit of Parmesan.

I never thought I would find an outdoor activity I did not like.  Wrong. I found one.  It is weed-eating.  I hate that outdoor “activity.”  My the time I finished trimming tonight, my arms were screaming and my yard had seen better days.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I am in charge of creating a CHALLENING gym session for me and the gym partner.  It will be intervals of STRENGTH + RUNNING.  It seems to be the right workout set-up to get results, so I am going to keep after it!

What are your Wednesday workout plans?  Rule #2:  Always plan ahead, especially when it comes to figuring out time & type of your workout!

Until next time…keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty!

Oh, and tomorrow is a brand new day, so:

image (2)