Sunday FUNday!! – Mine started out with church at CCJ, followed by visiting with my grandparents + my Nanny. 

Eats (and vitamins):


I always start my day with Thrive Women’s Vitamins…like literally right when I get out of bed I head straight to the kitchen for a large Tervis full of ice water. I down it, and the vitamins.  Most days, I follow it up with a morning shake that includes the Le-Vel Mixed berry BOOST packet25 calories chalked full of nutrients from: Spirulina, Alfalfa, Wheat grass, Beet root, Barley grass, etc. (basically…lots of SUPERFOODS!)

Current Morning Shake Ingredient List:

  • 3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond + Coconut Milk mixed
  • 3/4 cup frozen Blurps
  • Le-Vel BOOST packet
  • Ice

I crave my shake every morning…especially after morning miles.  Mmm mmm oh so good.

Spent some time this afternoon doing house odds and ends while contemplating whether or not to hit the gym.  All I know is…sinus infections SUCK! Every time I have a coughing attack I feel like my head is going to explode.  But on the plus side, the energy level is still up (so at least the gym is an option!) and the appetite…is down. 

Here is one last round of home remodels.  The living room.  It is currently not my fav because it is NOT complete.  Living room furniture will have to be on hold for a while (as will a TV, which does not bother me); therefore, the living room is rather boring if you will.

photo (15)

The BEFORE Living Room had 70s shag carpet and was wood paneled. It had no fire place and no shelves.  We added those…and the wall they are sitting in!

photo (16)

Drywall hanging in progress above.


The AFTER Living Room (which is semi-complete currently)

Since my appetite is no where to be seen today, I ate only two small homemade PB/nut bars in the early afternoon – only because I knew I had to eat something for energy if I was headed to the gym.  I could not hardly taste them, which was a total bummer because I know how AMAZING they usually taste.


Hah! What a perfect fit. Sick or not, I really hate to miss my gym time.  Today, the workout partner and I decided on a strength/cardio combo. 

Gym Line-Up:  1 mile running warm-up + Supersets (Lower & Upper body) with 0.5 mile running intervals between each. 

All in all, a fantastic gym session under the current conditions.

No appetite after the gym, but the Garmin clocked me at just over 600 cals burned during the workout, so re-fueling was a must.  Settled for 3 oz. of grilled chicken breast from the fridge.  I am certain my taste-buds are off when a QUEST bar doesn’t sound appetizing after a workout. WTF…that never happens!! 

Dinner tonight:

image (2)

Grilled Turkey Burger on a Healthy Lifestyle Wheat Bun. Fixings included: Laughing Cow Pepper Jack Cheese Spread, chopped Lettuce/Kale, smashed Avocado, and Mustard. Side of Sweet Tater – Cajun seasoned.

One AWESOME dinner…that I could hardly taste. Ugh.

Tomorrow is Monday and a fresh start to a new week (whoop, whoop!).  Man, do the weekends ever fly by.  Monday’s workout agenda may hold some morning miles if I wake up feeling ready for them.  And, BodyPUMP is definitely on the schedule for the evening because Rule #1 says: 


What are your workout plans?  Do you have them made yet?…I believe I have the game-plan for my entire week of workouts currently.  Hopefully, all goes as planned (then I will be one HAPPY girl!)


Must: Go After It. Ask. Move Forward….Must: WORK FOR IT.

Until next time, keep your eats healthy and your workouts sweaty. 

PS – Feels so good to be back to the blog!!!