I have a Thank You to start this post (keeping up with the CCJ theme of the last sermon series):

Thank You, TED (life-size teddy and Y mascot)…for being at my doorstep on Friday morning to welcome me to Ferdinand; and, thank-you for allowing me to experience the feeling of being 13 years old again!!

image (2)

Ted — the one who TP-ed me during my first overnight stay in my completed home?  I believe…he must have had some side-kicks!

Picking up all the white toilet tissue that was so nicely placed in my trees, bushes, and shrubs reminded me of my teenage years when I dreaded the thought of getting TP-ed since Mom & Dad have so many trees in their front/back yard.  I hated picking it all up…oh, and I still do! 😉

Another completed home pic or two for you:

photo (14)

The Before Bath.

image (1)

The Finished Bathroom Project – LOTS of hours put into this little room.

image (8)

KTs Bedroom

The first evening in my home was…quiet.  Which I was A-OK with!! ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE music, but I tend to only listen to it during my workouts and while driving. Other than that, I prefer peace & quiet over background noise any day.

First meal made in the new kitchen (not exactly anything fancy):

image (6)

Whole Wheat Wrap with Grilled Cajun Chicken, Laughing Cow Pepper Jack Cheese, Pesto, Lettuce + Kale, and little Cherry tomatoes with a side of Chobani 100 Calorie Pineapple-Coconut Greek Yogurt

Enough on the new home, let’s fast forward to Saturday! – I woke up bright and early…and felt like crap.  Battling a sinus infection that is one of the worst I’ve ever had.  I did not much feel like exercise, but was scheduled to sub a Cycling class at the Y that started at 8:00.  A perk of being a group exercise instructor:  Sometimes you have no choice in whether or not to exercise!! Today, had I not been subbing the class, I would have likely decided to skip the gym based on how I felt.  But, I did not want to cancel the class, so I showed up and tried to make the most of the cycle session.

Exercise…it always makes you feel SO MUCH BETTER!! Once I got going, I ended up have a decent sweat session on the bike.  I am not one to slack in class, even if I don’t feel good.  I just had to get myself in the right mental mindset to push through it and give 100%.  I felt so much better by the end, however, that I decided I wanted to try to make it through just a couple miles on the treadmill (since I was already sweaty and gross).

On the ‘mill, I alternated between 7.5mph (for 45 seconds) and 6.2mph (for 15 seconds) for two miles.  It was a spin-off of Tabata if you will, which is usually 20 seconds hard followed by 10 seconds rest (which we did in Cycling)…and it was a challenge for the already worn-out legs.


Nothing pretty about what I look like after a cycle session. #sweatymess

Following the workout (and the shower), I whipped up some homemade PB/Nut bars for the week ahead that are made with Earth Balance Peanut Butter Coconut Spread.

pb earth balance coconut


Then, it was time to hit the lake with the fam.  First time out on the water this summer, and it felt AWESOME! Basically just lounged around on the boat and raft most of the trip (which is rather unlike me, as I tend to be the one always slalom skiing or wake-boarding when at the lake).  Relaxation felt quite nice.

image (7) Lake days…oh the joys of summertime!

I currently have a strength/cardio combo session planned for the gym tomorrow if all goes well (…if this sinus infection allows me to get in a workout. ugh). I plan to do meal prep for the week in the new kitchen tomorrow evening, so more on that in the next post.

Vacation is on my calendar at the end of this month (OMG…so much to do before that time!); therefore, I plan to try and keep the eats “extra” healthy the next couple of weeks because the beach, swimsuits, and sun are right around the corner.

I shall leave you with this quote below:


Until next time, keep your eats healthy & your workouts sweaty.