Hey, Hey, Hey…Happy Memorial Day!

photo (10)

What?! A day with absolutely NO work?…No Way!!

My Monday started off with a bit of GYM time (so even though I didn’t have to work at the Y, I still paid a visit there)!!  I enjoy being able to go in and pound out a workout without having ANY time constraint – not having to keep an eye on the clock during a workout is THE BEST FEELING (…that I do not get to experience very often!).

home gym

I did a combination workout that started with a 1 mile warm-up run, followed up by full-body strength supersets with intervals of treadmill running (0.6 mile sprints x 5 total) between each superset.  Total workout was complete in an hour + 20 minutes & the calories torched were right at 700 (and…the calorie burn definitely continues on after such a workout is complete – probably explains why I’ve felt a tad bit hungry all day today).  I was a sweaty-mess by the end of gym-time. Equals…Success!!

Post workout I downed a QUEST Cookie Dough protein bar.  I think I ate it in about 1 minute…or, maybe 2 minutes max.  It was AMAZING.  Quest always tastes best after a tough workout!!

Quest bar

The rest of this day off was spent packing up my belongings, hauling them to my house, and then unpacking them.  Progress was definitely made today.

Here are two more pics of home renovation:

photo (12)


My dad is quite the handy man, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, Mom and I did our fair share of work (Mom cleaned a lot & I learned how to do as much as Dad trusted with me…which was A LOT!), but he most definitely deserves a good majority of the credit. 

photo (11)


The office was wood paneling & had rather unattractive carpet (from 1975!!).  Dad took care of that by putting up dry wall, then he also added the crown molding & chair rail. I do believe I laid the floor of this room on my own – cutting adequate length pieces and the whole nine yards.  I also did all the painting (oh, and the re-painting in this room! I had initially painted it yellow, was not satisfied with it, and decided to do paint job #2). 

So many days I wanted to give up on the house and quit.  Sell it and just go with an apartment.  But now, I am so thankful I stuck it out.  Now, I can see that it was all worth it!!

Lunch today was made between trips from one house to the other to load and unload:

photo (13)

Whole wheat wrap with Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese spread, a bit of Pesto, chopped lettuce/cabbage/carrots/kale, cherry tomatoes, and hot off the George Foreman grilled Cajun chicken!

Along with my wrap, I had a 1/2 cup of Roasted Red Pepper Rice + Quinoa.

Snack later in the day was a FUJI Apple – my favorite.  I seriously eat one about every day.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away (and studies show apples promote weight loss. There, your fun fact for the day).

Dinner this evening was a repeat of last night! Turkey burger & fresh salad.  And my oh my, was it delicious!

Meal prep for this coming week is about to get underway in the kitchen.  Grilled Cajun chicken, rice, sweet taters, oriental stir-fry veggies, and home-made oat & nut bars are all on the line-up.  Good thing everything will be quick & easy!

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Push Yourself & Work For It

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.  Make it count.

Until next time:  Keep your eats healthy & your workouts sweaty!