Wow, wow, wow!  Life…is GOOD.

I know I have been MIA for some time now, but soon that will change.  The final push towards home-renovation completion is in full swing.  I am so ready to have a life back.  For the past year and a half it has been work, and house work.  And work.  And then house work.  Work on house after work.  Work on house most weekends.  Work on house…all. the. time.  To have time to sit and read a magazine, or go have fun with friends without feeling guilty for not doing work at the house, will be AMAZING!!!

photo (7)


photo (1)

THE AFTER PICTURE – oh my, I cannot wait to get down to business with meal prep in my very own kitchen!!

In addition to home renovation in its final stages, other aspects of life are currently on the UP:

With the Biggest Loser: Meltdown Challenge & Nutrition 101 taking place at the Y over the past seven weeks, work has been a blast (Yes, I love my job!! Crazy hours…but, it is worth it).

My own fitness is progressing to new levels (Whoop, whoop!!). I am in LOVE with my gym workouts!! I haven’t stepped on a scale in weeks and honestly do not intend to.  As long as I continue getting stronger and making progress in the gym, then leaning out will take care of itself.  I am keeping my eats healthy and actually trying to incorporate in more HEALTHY FATS to the daily diet.

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Dinner tonight was a turkey burger (grilled on the charcoal grill…YUM!!) on a whole wheat toasted bun. Laughing Cow Pepper Jack cheese spread, lettuce, avocado (oh yeah!) and mustard.  Side item was delicious mixed greens with Asian slaw blend, blueberries, onions, and bit of parmesan cheese on top.

I am now a fan of avocados and also picked back up snacking on Salt & Pepper Pistachios almost daily.  I am currently slightly obsessed with Green Tea.  And of course, I am still obsessed with QUEST Bars!

photo (6)

#FITspiration (??) – I took these photos (above and below) today while catching some sun on my break from house work.  I wanted to enter a contest Quest has going on Instagram.  When I look at these photos, I think about if I would have ran across them on Pinterset or elsewhere a few years back.  I am fairly certain that I would have tagged them as FITspiration on my Pinterest board — I didn’t have those ABS, I wanted those ABS!!

I have gone from viewing FITspiration photos, to being FITspiration photos (for some individuals, that is).  Let’s just say…a FITspiration photo will not happen over night.  Dedication. Sweat. Hours and hours of gym time.  And a clean diet….that is what got me a FITspiration photo.

photo (2)

Summer time = AB Season.  I’ll thank CX Worx for my core.

Summertime.  It is almost here.  Living on my own…it is almost here.   Blogging on a regular basis again…yep, it is almost here.  And I am PUMPED about it!  Until then, the hard work will continue in all areas:   Y work, gym, home renovation…

life is a sport - Copy

Make every day count.  That’s my motto.  I try not to waste one minute (except when I get wrapped up in Instagram or Facebook!!! Hah).

Do you have a workout planned for Memorial Day?  I believe I will be starting my day with a visit to the gym for a strength/cardio combo session (more on this new favorite style of workout a bit later!).  I already cannot wait.

life is

Until next time…Keep the eats healthy and the workouts sweaty!!