So much to catch up on, yet so little time…

The home project is making definite progress.  After another full workday today (directly following a morning sweat-session that I will elaborate on a bit later) with my Uncle & Dad, it is coming together nicely.  Hopefully before too long, I will be back to regularly scheduled blogging in the comfort of my very own home.  I am quite excited for the transition, yet have a doubt or two about it as well.  I am about as independent as they come these days; therefore, I shouldn’t run into many issues.  What I am looking most forward to come move-in day:  using my AWESOME new kitchen!! And least looking forward to: mowing the lawn (so boring). 

Enough about the house (which is basically my life outside of work and workouts), let’s talk workouts! ~


Britt-Fit (workout pal) and I took the workout outdoors this morning since it was so nice outside!  I could not handle being cooped up in a gym for our routine Sunday strength session, so we grabbed the running shoes & TRX trainers — nixed the gym.  Our outdoor sweat-session consisted of TRX strength moves (we hooked up to two pine trees behind the Y!), running intervals around the park & around town, some plyo jumps + tricep pushups on large landscape rocks, and some pull-ups on the tree limbs.  Oh, and I included several handstand walks on the pavement as well to round-out the FANTASTIC workout!  It was FUN, ENJOYABLE, and best yet…CHALLENGING!!  Never a dull moment with our workouts, that is for sure! 


Nearly 700 cals torched in today’s SWEET outdoor strength/run combo! — I’ll take it. 

After the sweat-session, I grabbed a Cookie Dough QUEST BAR!! <—I am slightly addicted to these currently.  It takes all the self-control I have in me to only eat ONE per day!!


Aside from today’s KICK-ASS workout, the majority of strength workouts these days have been challenging and pushing me to help build strength.  I definitely feel like I am getting stronger, which is AWE–SOME!  On the flip side, all the extra strength sessions (which I love!!) have caused my running mileage to decrease substantially (insert sad face here!).  This will have to change soon, as the INDY MINI is right around the corner!!  Starting this week, long runs & other routine runs will have to be inserted onto my workout regimen…somehow.


Above is me in my AWESOME tee. I was finally able to sport it on the first day of spring! Whoop, whoop!

I used to care about what the scale said and was always making weight my main focus (the sole purpose of why I was working out).  This shirt is my new workout motto these days!  I no longer care what the scale says, I just care about getting STRONGER!  The new mind-set focuses only on building muscle and dropping body fat (which has proven to be a TOUGH challenge thus far…but, change takes time is what I’ve learned).

After the workout + the full day of work, I was ready to enjoy some healthy eats this evening:


Veggies mixed with Egg, Brown Rice, and Grilled Chicken pieces

Yes, you can call me the stir-fry chef if you’d like.  I mean, judging by the pic, you can obviously see I totally ROCK at making veggies and rice (wink)!  I wish you could taste it…Hits the spot every time!!  Colorful veggies – they are my fav!

I hope you all have been able to enjoy some spring weather this weekend.  It definitely makes for a good-mood boost, without a doubt! Have a FANTASTIC week (can you believe tomorrow is Monday already?!) and until next time:  keep the eats healthy & the workouts sweaty!!