Wow, has it been a while!  And man, do I miss this!!  I have been MIA for months now due to lack of time.  I did not realize how much time it would take to remodel a home, until I started doing it.  It consumes any and all of my spare time (Let me clarify, though:  I consider my daily workouts as ‘MUST DO’ not ‘DO IT WHEN/IF I HAVE TIME’ – therefore, working on the house comes after work and after workouts each day). I constantly think about the day when the house is finally finished and I will be all moved in and I will sit on my (AWESOME) new bed, in my (GREY & PURPLE) new room, and spend my (HOUSE-WORK FREE) evenings blogging. Oh, I CANNOT WAIT for that day!! Slow, but sure.  Slow, but sure.  It will get there.

Sunday…I LOVE Sundays!  This morning started out with church at CCJ (this is the reason Sundays are one of my favorite days!!).  I LOVE starting Sundays at CCJ! I honestly wake up early every Sunday because I am so excited to get going – the entire service is always AWESOME, but the singing is my favorite. I love music.  And singing.  On my way to CCJ, I sipped on:

jan 13 thrive

My THRIVE SHAKE (yes, I am STILL hooked on them!) ~ latest mixture: Thrive packet, Silk Unsweetened Almond/Coconut Milk blend (3/4 cup), ice, and frozen strawberries (5-6 berries)

The normal routine on Sundays has been church then gym.  No change-up today.  After CCJ, it was time to pound out some miles at the Y.

After taking a rest day yesterday, I had fresh legs that allowed me to pound out 8 SWEET MILES on the ‘mill post church. I included lots of inclines and speed fluctuations to make for a pretty AWESOME Sunday Sweat-session!!


I burned right at 875 cals & did NOT look pretty at the finish…I was actually  “pretty”-much of a sweaty-mess; therefore, it was a good Sunday-Funday run!!

Post run, it was time to get started on the house work.  Today’s job: helping to install flooring in my bathroom and filling/sanding down nail holes on the bathroom wainscoting (Do you even know what that is? I didn’t until I became a home renovator!!).  Sounds like LOADS of fun, doesn’t it?! (wink) I did get to listen to the Colts game while working, so that was a definite plus.

think thin monday

Post-run grab (aka = lunch) was a thinkThin Brownie Crunch protein bar

After the house work came to an end, I had errands to run & groceries to buy. I also planned to meet a friend for a walk before dark.  That left ZERO time to go home, which meant I had to eat another 1/2 a thinkThin bar (this time it was White Chocolate) to hold me over through the walk.  I keep my gym bag stocked with thinkThin bars for this exact reason.  I always have “on-the-go” healthy eats available if time does not allow for anything but eating between activities. 

After four miles (walking) and two bites of cookie (I had to sample what I was given on my walk…walking-partner brought me cookies!!), it was home to fix dinner & assist in putting up the Christmas tree.


Delicious (but OH SO RICH!) Cookie that I sampled. Only two bites after the evening walk, then opted to finish off the rest of my White Chocolate thinkThin bar instead.


Dinner:  Fresh Roasted Broccoli & Green Beans, Rice, and Grilled Chicken (I ended up only eating one of the chicken pieces & saved the other.  The thinkThin bars gave me my fill of protein today, I think).

The rest of the evening is all down hill.  Christmas tree is up and I am downing water as I type.  Next on the agenda…a foam-rolling session for the legs!!

I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend and are ready to hit it hard again tomorrow, as Monday will be right around the corner.

Until next time (who knows when this may be – I hope sooner rather than later)…

sat march 31