I almost did not blog tonight; however, since I did not have an opportunity last night to post, I decided I better make-it-happen tonight!

This day flew by!  Mine started out with a quick 35 minute outdoor power yoga session in my backyard as the sun was rising. Talk about a great way to start the day!! ~ I have a new appreciation for the beauty in my backyard as the sun comes up. Especially when viewed upside down, while in a headstand.  One word…AWESOME!!


This evening I had a run scheduled for before CX Worx class.  I utilized the treadmill since it was rather hot out when 5 o’clock rolled around.  A quick 4.5 miles were pounded out before CX.  I had so much energy this evening, which made it quite enjoyable! Not to mention I love running in a pair of new Brooks tennies.

After CX, I just felt like running (as Forest Gump would say), so I hopped back on the same treadmill (#2) and pounded out an even faster 3.0 miles.  A total of 7.5 logged this evening.  I was a Happy-Camper, since my game-plan for the day had called for 4.

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In lieu of Throwback Thursday, I decided to pull out my first “Food & Fitness Journals!” this evening…from years ago! I think I started journaling my workouts and daily eating habits when I was a junior in high school.  I have been doing it ever since.  I have kept most (if not all) of my journals. There are two I can think of for sure that I was not able to track down for the pic.


Throwback Thursday = KT’s OLD Fitness/Food Journals ~ Whoop, whoop!

So many people these days tell me about how they use myFitnessPal or other electric tracking programs, which I think is AWESOME!  But me, I am just a pen & paper kinda gal.  Always have been and likely always will be.  I just prefer writing it all out & I especially love going back to look at my old entries!

Here are a few photos of the current Fitness/Food Journal I created to use:






Do you use a Fitness/Food Journal to track your workouts and your eating habits each day?  If not, try it…seriously!  It is a GREAT way to be able to visually see your progress, and also allows you to see when you start slacking/slipping. 

There are certain times (in college) when I recall feeling in A-MAZING shape…not sure that I really was, but I felt like it – I felt fit, lean, healthy & full of energy!! I occasionally like to look back to my food journal entries at those particular times to see what I was eating on a daily basis and what my exercise regimen was at the time.  It always motivates me to kick it in gear & reminds me of how dedicated I was and how hard I worked to achieve that “FIT” feeling!  I remind myself:  If I did it then, I can do it now! …and, so can you!

Until next time ~

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