Tuesday > Monday.

Started the day with a wake-up call at 4:45 and a little CX Worx class at 5:30.  A good core workout came out of CX. I followed that up with 5.0 miles on the dreadmill (due to lack of light outside and the dreary/rainy conditions).  Then finished out the morning with 25 minutes on the upright bike.

Breakfast followed.  No THRIVE shake this morning (that is a first in a LONG time!).  I had an opportunity to make a quick trip home to shower and pack my things for the rest of the day, so decided to make use of the kitchen while I had the chance.

photo2 (7)

Egg White Scramble (3 whites to 1 yolk) topped with Asiago Cheese and a side of Salsa + 1/2 a Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with Earth Balance PB & Banana

Reasons = Written!  I spent a little time last night writing down my “WHY” reasons to help motivate myself.  Thinking through and writing my reasons down on paper (visually seeing them) helped my motivation a bit.  Those reasons rang through my head this morning & are what made me decide to tack on the extra bike time after TT.

so true

Lunch today ~

photo1 (6)

good greens:  Wild Berry (first time for this flavor & LOVED it!!)

Snacks ~  Salt & Pepper Pistachios + V8 Peach Mango Energy

This evening was round two of CX Worx followed by Beginner Basics class.  Yesterday I was contemplating my life and how I should go about living it.  Should I go back to school?  Should I get a big girl job?  Should I have bought a house?  Should I do this?  Should I have done that?  I was questioning every aspect of life yesterday (that would be Negative Nancy in action) ~ This evening, Beginner Basics class put things back in perspective for me.  I work at the Y because of evenings like tonight.  My passion lies in encouraging individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  I love exercising with “beginners” (those new to exercise) & motivating each one to push to new limits.  I love teaching others about healthy eating habits and lending them little nutrition tips.  And, I especially LOVE watching individuals transform in mind, body, and spirit as they adapt exercise and healthy food choices into their daily lives.  Nights like tonight remind me that:

true (3)

So thankful for my beginners in my Beginner Basics class tonight!!

Dinner this evening ~

photo3 (5)

Grilled Chicken Wrap (in Gluten-Free Fiesta Wrap) with a side of Taco Soup

Tomorrow is Wine Wednesday (that just means I buy it on Wednesday…I try not to drink any until Thirsty Thursday.  Try being the ‘key word’ there).

BodyPUMP and perhaps some extra strength training or the new CX Worx will be on my agenda tomorrow morning.  I already cannot wait!!

Until next time,

love this one