Isn’t it crazy how our lives are filled with ups and downs?  One day you have the best day EVER & the next…is a total change-up.  Please tell me I am not the only one who experiences this!

I really noticed my lack of motivation on this Monday.  Beginning this morning when I could not get out of bed for a run (three weeks ago I would have been jumping out of bed before my alarm even sounded – especially given the PERFECT running conditions this morning) and continuing through the day as I worked at the Y.  One lady came out of the gym today and asked me my secret for always remaining so motivated.  My response “Funny you ask, because I was just thinking about how so un-motivated I currently feel lately.”  Even this evening, once work ended, I had to do some serious convincing in my head to get warmed-up in the gym before BodyPUMP. What?!  Who is this girl and what did she do with KT?

Why?!  Where has the motivation gone?  IDK, but I need to find it again, and ASAP.  What do you do to get MOTIVATED to keep working hard?  To light the fire again? 

negative committee (2)

I am off to the drawing board.  To write down all the reasons ‘WHY.”  Why I choose to eat healthy on a daily basis and endure sweat-session after sweat-session.  My list needs updated and I need to keep it close by to refer to until Ms. Motivated decides to return.  I need to get something on my calendar this summer to look forward to.  A half, a tough-mudder, a beach vacation (hah!), a something!!


My game plan for tomorrow morning is CX Worx followed by an outdoor RUN – 4 or 5 miles (is preferred).  What is your game-plan?

I hope your Monday was better than mine.  My goal for this week is to get back to daily blogging (<—typed that sentence for accountability purposes)!

Until next time, quitting and started