Holy Moly…what an AWESOME Monday!!

Rise and shine for me at 4AM for a little BodyPUMP at 5.  The ladies and I rocked it on BodyPUMP release 84 this morning.  I was so pumped up by the end of class that I just wanted the workout to continue! I followed up BP with an additional 20 minutes of upper-body strength work in the gym.  By the end…I felt AWESOME!


Why I Strength Train!! ~ FIT-spiration Photo! = GOAL!

I downed a THRIVE Shake after the sweaty workout (best tasting shake, ever!), then got cleaned up for task two:  another group exercise class (whoop whoop)…this time with my Seniors!  Errands and grocery shopping followed class.  I made a quick trip to Grounded Health Foods Store for Earth Balance PB, wraps, protein bars, and…(dada dada)

photo4 (2)

Earth Balance PB Popps ~ one word…A-MAZING!! (I just went ahead and just bought TWO bags since they tend to disappear rather quickly!)

I stopped at another grocery to stock up on fresh veggies (because those are too expensive at Grounded), then pit-stopped at the post office to send off my tennies. 

I took three ‘trial’ runs (2 on the T-mill) in the Brooks Adrenaline 14s and never fell in love with them.  They just did NOT fit my feet like the Adrenaline 13s.  So, solved that problem by shipping them back – why I LOVE ordering Brooks!  You can take up to 15 days of trial runs to decide if you want to keep the Brooks you purchase.  I shipped the 14s back and ordered the exact same shoe that I currently wear.  Same color and all.  

adrenline 13s

LOVE these!!! ~ Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13s

Mid-Morning Snack ~

photo3 (4)

thinkThin Fiber + Lean Protein snack bar! ~ I will definitely be getting my hands on MORE of these tasty bars.  I only bought one at Grounded to try, but I should have known I’d like it…I mean, does it get any better than PB + Chocolate?

I spent the rest of the day working, which flew by because I was busy, busy, busy.  Everything about work was good today, but the best part was when I finally pinned down the artist and title to a song I kept hearing on our XM radio at the Y.  I have been searching itunes for a week (at least…seriously!), listening to all the ‘chart’ tunes to see if I could find it…unsuccessful.  Today when I heard it at the Y, the voice of the artist finally clicked!!


“Break Your Plans” by The Fray

I was stoked when, at least, I found the song on iTunes! It was like my already great Monday had been topped off with whipped cream and a cherry! (I know you probably do NOT relate to this at all unless you love music.  I…LOVE music!!)

Lunch ~ was a delicious salad made with mixed greens and spinach.

This evening was BodyPUMP: Round two!! We totally dominated a combination of release 86 & 89.  Two strength sessions in ONE day…not bad for a Monday!! 

Dinner ~

photo1 (5)

Gluten Free Fiesta Wrap (YUM!!) with Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Onion, Jalepenos and Chipotle BBQ Sauce + Green Beans & 1/2 a Sweet Tater

I know lately I have been eating many of the same things again and again.  I continue to post the food pics to indicate to you the consistency in my food choices.  Choosing the healthy option on a regular basis is a challenge for many.  I may eat a lot of the same things currently, but at least the meals are healthy on a routine basis – almost always composed of fresh veggies, lean protein, and some healthy fats (in my EVOO or PB).  That, is the bigger picture I am trying to relay to you.  Choosing to eat healthy is NOT a diet, it is a LIFESTYLE.  

commit to be fit

I am very much a routine gal.  I LOVE routine & keeping things consistent, which sometimes shows in my eating habits and also in my workouts.  I find something I like, and I stick to it.  When I get tired of my YUMMY Salads and my EASY-TO-MAKE wraps, I will move on to other simple, healthy eats!  Until then, I may enjoy them quite frequently because they are healthy, satisfying, and delicious!!

I hope your week started off like mine!  Next up, Tuesday!  An early morning CX class followed by a RUN is on my agenda for the morning…what will your workout be?

Until next time,

five ws

I love to review these W’s every now and then.