My day started out by…

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Making a grocery store list! Gotta love the “no cheese” side-note I have to make myself!!  I love cheese & love buying it, but don’t need it! I try to only eat it on my salads, but currently have four different containers opened.  So, no more cheese buying until I use them!

I try to never make a trip to the grocery store until I make out a list of ‘needs.’  My rule is:  if it is NOT on the list, then it is DOES NOT walk out the door with me.  It helps me to avoid picking up unnecessary (and usually unhealthy impulse items) items during the shopping trip.  Do you make grocery lists and utilize them?  If not, I highly suggest you do so….make the script & stick to it, people! 

Yoga was on the agenda before work this morning.  I tried to talk myself into staying home for that hour and crossing off TO DOs, but I just could not.  I had to take yoga…and, I am so happy I did.  It was a much needed stretch session.

negative positive

Yoga ~ it helps me clear away the negative thoughts to make room for more of the positives.

KT’s Tuesday Eats…

  • Breakfast before Yoga: THRIVE Shake
  • Lunch:  Sweet Tater
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack:  Good Greens Bar (Chocolate Chunk)
  • Late-Afternoon Snack before CX:  FUJI Apple (YUM!) + Pistachios
  • Dinner after CX + a personal training session with an AWESOME gal at the Y:

photo2 (3)

Lots of GREEN!! ~ Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette + a Gluten-Free Spinach wrap with Grilled Chicken, more salad greens, and Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese spread

And, I also ate a spoonful of Earth Balance PB before I sat down to blog – yes, a teaspoon dipped into the PB jar and then licked clean! ~ I had a craving & I just could not resist tonight.

Check out what arrived for me in the mail this evening….SUPER EXCITED!!

photo1 (3) 

New Releases for CX Worx & BodyPUMP ~ whoop, whoop!

Off to get my things ready for another full day tomorrow & then hit the sack.  Good news is…tomorrow is HUMP DAY already! Wow!

Until next time ~

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