Memorial Day Monday (translation…DAY OFF!)

Life has been…busy!  I was SO excited to get this extra day tacked on to my weekend ~ I definitely tried to make the most of it:  FUN & PRODUCTIVITY describe this Memorial Day Monday.

The wake-up call came at 7am this morning.  Not much sleeping in on this girl’s day off.

it is not about having time but making it

Got up, got dressed, filled my H2O bottle, and took off.  I was excited to hit the trails at Lincoln for the SECOND time this weekend! 


After today’s 10-miler through the forest (a bit of walking involved! & the run was a slow pace) I have logged 26.5 miles in the last four days.

  • Friday was a 7-miler
  • Saturday a 9.5-miler on the trails
  • Sunday a REST day (not even a strength session.  ZERO workouts!!)
  • Monday a 10-miler on the trails

And to think…those who run marathons log that mileage in ONE day.  Wow.  As much as I want to take on a marathon one day, I am not sure I am cut out for it. 

Let me just highlight today’s run:

Mile 2 – “Runner Down!”….darn tree-root!  I was not paying attention and the tree-root crept up out of no where.  Thankfully only my hands got extremely muddy!

Mile 6 – the run turned to a walk as I trekked up the steep hill to the fire-tower.  I then climbed the fire-tower so I could see the view of the tree-tops.  I LOVE going up to the top of the fire-tower to see the AMAZING view! 

Mile 9.5 – I about lost it.  Why?  a huge, black SNAKE was taking up the entire trail! not big…HUGE! I was so thankful I was looking ahead and was able to stop before I was on top of him.  Oh, I HATE SNAKES! I just stood there (far back) a minute & composed myself, then mad-dashed the other direction – shew, close call! 


 Post Trail Run Reward ~ THRIVE SHAKE! It was DE-LICICOUS!

After the trail run, I came straight home & got to work cleaning my car (before I even made my Thrive shake!).  I tackled the inside today since I had given the outside a good wash on Saturday.  It looks so much better! A freshly cleaned car always makes for a GREAT day!

Swim-time was next (running & swimming were the “FUNS” of the day) on the agenda.  I enjoyed the sun with a few AWESOME gals for a little while before getting back to business.  I utilized the remainder of the day to paint at the house (car-cleaning & painting were the “PRODUCTIVITIES” of the day).  I snacked on a thinkThin bar between swim and painting – I am always so thankful to have thinkThin bars handy for when I am ‘on the go!’ I would starve without them.

Dinner I whipped-up after the house work-session ended:

photo1 (2)

Salad greens with Blue Cheese crumbles + Craisens + Walnuts + Balsamic Vinaigrette & Wheat Tortellini with Tomato Garlic Sauce and topped with Ramano + Parmesan Cheeses

I am so not ready for Tuesday (which means back to work) to be here; however, after having to put on a swim suit over the weekend for the first time this summer, I am highly motivated to get DOWN TO BUSINESS at the gym & in the kitchen this coming week!  My goal equals: AB, AB, and more AB work! in the gym & focusing on CLEAN-eating…meaning LOTS of fruits and veggies (and not a lot of KT’s Granola. Bummer).  I need to hit the store tomorrow and stock up on ‘fresh’ for the rest of the week…do you?  Gotta have fresh foods in your fridge if you are going to eat fresh foods, right?!

make your body

I am off to plan the rest of my goals for the week!! I feel like I have slacked slightly ever since the INDY MINI.  There will be NO MORE of that!  And you should tell yourself the same thing if you feel you’ve been ‘slacking’ on your workouts or your eating habits lately!  Let’s make this week one for the books, got it?!

Until next time ~

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