The weekend ~ 

It flew by.

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My eats were not the greatest this weekend & I sipped on too much wine; therefore, I am ready to get back to business tomorrow!!

Sunday evening translates into gearing up for another FULL week ahead.  It is time to evaluate your eating habits from last week and your workouts the past seven days.  What were your strengths and where did you slack?  What do you need to work on improving in the next seven days? 


Now is the time to get a GAME-PLAN for the week ahead.  The more goals you make, the more likely you are to stay focused on achieving them as the week progresses.

My Workout goals for the upcoming week include:

  • Rise and Shine early (on non-running days) to practice Power Yoga – my goal is three sessions a week…versus the one, lone session that I have fit into my schedule the last two weeks.
  • Decide on Wednesday if I will take-on another 13.1 this coming Saturday or not.  I want to….I think.  But that may change come mid-week.  If no half, the back-up plan becomes another 10 miler on Saturday…perhaps at Lincoln Park or Ferdinand State Forest!  I am ready for some trails!
  • Spend Tuesday morning at the TRACK again, climbing my fair share of bleachers in between circling the track.

push yourself

My Nutrition goals for the upcoming week include:

  • Quit resorting to thinkThin bars so often – instead I want to aim to fill my tummy with fresh veggies, greens salads, tuna (I picked up the other day), and hard-boiled eggs!
    • Tuna & Hard-Boiled Eggs are AWESOME sources of PROTEIN!
  • Eat more scrambled egg-whites for dinner this week
  • Fix baked fish at least once this week (Tilapia!)
    • Fish = Good source of healthy fats and also a good protein source
  • Eat more Apples for my snacks!
    • Because I have strayed from them lately

good food in fridge

What will your GOALS be for the week?  Your best option is to get them down on paper (or your iPhone notepad) now so you can ‘hop-to-it’ beginning tomorrow.  Monday ~ a fresh start.  Decide what you want and go after it.  Simple as that.

tell yourself 

I hope you all had an AWESOME weekend and if you got off-track slightly (I’ll raise my hand to that) then get ready to get your game-face back ON starting tomorrow morning! 


Preparing to start my week off on the right foot…with a morning RUN or a morning Yoga session, not sure which yet!  What about you?

Until next time,

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