Started out with a trip to the store for Unsweetened Almond Milk since I was O-U-T.  I needed it in order to enjoy a THRIVE shake after my morning workout!  I was not about to go without a shake, and I was not about to make a shake without my Almond Milk. 

vanilla almond unsweet

Did you know that almonds are one of the top healthiest nuts?  If you are going to snack on nuts…choose Almonds (unless you are too addicted to Pistachios to convert ~ that would be me)!  Or, if you do not want to snack on them, you can get the same benefits by drinking Almond Milk.  I prefer it over dairy milk any day of the week. 

This morning I taught BodyPUMP 85 and then went straight into Morning Energizers! It was no comparison to my Monday morning strength session, but it sufficed. 

The afternoon was spent…NOT working at the Y for once!  I needed a break away from the Y after all the hours I put in last week, so I managed to slip away at noon for some quality time at KT’s house!  When people ask me how the house is coming, my response is always “Slow, but sure.”  and that is every bit true.  Today, I painted living room cabinets & shelves while singing loudly to all my favorite tunes (the ‘plus’ to painting by yourself!).  It was quite enjoyable.

photo1 (37)

Most Current Home Project Underway:  Cabinets for My Living Room!

When hunger hit this afternoon, I turned to my highly utilized “Protein Pouch” I keep in my gym bag.  It is a little pouch I always keep stocked with protein bars – my go to when I need a quick meal or snack!

good greens bar

I opted for a Good Greens Bar:  Mint Chocolate.  These bars are AWESOME!  They are chalked full of healthy nutrients that leave me feeling satisfied for hours.  If I cannot eat a greens salad for lunch, at least I can eat a ‘goodGreens’ bar with as much (if not more) of the same great nutrients.

A break from painting occurred late in the afternoon to go help teach little gymnasts how to flip.  Actually, this girl did some flips herself today!  After class, I hopped on the trampoline and threw a few back-handsprings and then decided to whip out a few back-tucks ~ it had definitely been a while since I’d thrown either of those skills.  I was somewhat impressed I could still do it, even if it was on a trampoline!  My goal after class next week…take it to the floor.  That will be the real challenge.

Dinner after more painting ~

photo2 (37)

Whole Wheat Tortellini with Cabernet Marinara & Romano Cheese + Roasted Veggies:  Zucchini, Carrots, Red Pepper, and Green Beans

The more colorful you can make your plate, the better.  I always harp on GREEN veggies & how AMAZING they are for you; however, to include veggies of all colors in your routine diet is super important!  Each color of veggies contains specific nutrients & phytonutrients that the other varieties may lack.  You never want to just eat green veggies, or just eat carrots & sweet potatoes.  The more colorful the assortment of veggies, the wider variety of beneficial nutrients you are supplying to your body!…so, fill that plate up with color, people!

Later this evening, I ended up snacking on some freshly made PB/DCC Granola…likely munched on a bit too much, actually.  I mean, the base is PB, so it is definitely not calorie free (or FAT!) by any means.  PB is just addicting. End of Story. Once I start eating it, I cannot stop. 

photo1 (27)

Why in the world did I ever decide to throw together this Granola mixture?! ~ Too addicting!!

A R-U-N sounds so good for tomorrow morning’s workout…I sure hope it does not rain on my parade.  The game-plan is 4-5 enjoyable (rain-free) morning miles followed by yoga before work.  Let’s hope that plan holds.

assure yourself 

I hope you all had a fabulous HumpDay (aka ~ Wine Wednesday…did you get your wine supply for Thirsty Thursday?  I did.) and managed to keep the eating habits in check. 

Until next time,

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