OMG!  I forgot how much I missed my track workouts.  On my training runs leading up to the Mini, I would almost always run past the school track and get excited for when my “track workouts” would start happening!  That day, was TODAY!!

I woke-up this morning, threw on shorts and tank, and hit the pavement.  Ran exactly 1 mile down the road to the high school track & got down to business!  The bleachers were screaming my name when I arrived. My favorite part about KT’s self-designed track workouts:  getting to include the bleachers!!quote for pinterest

I ran so many stairs today.  I was trying to do the figuring in my head during the mile jog back home (which was quite slow since my legs were beat), and I ended up just giving up on that whole thing.  All I know is…my legs will likely definitely scream ‘sore’ tomorrow!  It was a great change-up and I LOVED it.  

My Garmin clocked me at 7 miles exactly for this morning’s workout.  One down the road, one back home, and that leaves 5 for stairs + running completed at the track.  It was an AWE-SOME start to my Tuesday morning!

When I got back home, I re-fueled with a THRIVE shake before cleaning up…I was an absolute sweaty-mess!! jan 13 thrive

Never miss a THRIVE shake!  Best way to start a day.

Lunch was a Sweet Tater (my current favorite food right now, hands-down…OK, well…second favorite – nothing trumps PB.  I mean, that will never leave the #1 spot. Ever.) I took with me to the Y, and an Apple.

photo_2 (3)

Late afternoon snack was a thinkThin bar.  It held me over through CX Worx and the personal training session that followed.

Dinner ~

photo1 (36)

EGGS!! ~ I used 3 total…3 whites & 1 yolk.

photo2 (36)

Scrambled Eggs topped with Parmesan and Cracked Pepper + the Greens:  Fresh Green Beans and Broccoli … YUM.

Let’s talk eggs for a bit, shall we?  Eggs are awesome!  They are jam packed with protein, and high quality protein at that.  Roughly 6 grams of protein in each egg you eat….protein your muscles LOVE! and need for repairing and building.

The protein is found in the ‘white’ of the egg.  Although the ‘yellow’ (the yolk) of the egg is composed of beneficial vitamins your body needs, it is also home to cholesterol and fat.  That is why I always use a ratio of more whites to yolks when I make eggs.  I do not eat eggs for a source of cholesterol or fat…I eat them as a source of protein!!  So, why not nix the bad stuff (the cholesterol and fat) and keep more of the good stuff (the protein!)? 

You want a food that tastes great, keeps you satisfied, and supplies your body with the high-quality proteins it needs to function optimally?  Just eat EGGS!!

Until next time,