Thirsty Thursday…

The morning started out with a RUN.   A run with quite a few hills and a little walking, actually.  It was a peaceful morning outdoors.  After the run, it was TRX strength time with a couple ladies from the Y.  Then, down to business…work. 

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Post workout THRIVE Shake!!!

Remainder of eats at the Y today:

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One thinkThin bar for Lunch + One thinkThin bar for late afternoon snack = two thinkThin bars this Thursday!

The class line-up this evening was CX Worx and Beginner Basics.  I had five AWESOME individuals in Beginner Basics – five beginners focused on converting to a healthy lifestyle.  I enjoy working with them because what I love most is helping others realize how much better their bodies and minds will function if they exercise and eat healthy on a daily basis.  It is amazing what kind of impact a healthy lifestyle can have on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Doing away with unhealthy eating habits and incorporating in exercise to one’s daily lifestyle can be a great challenge, so to help motivate and encourage individuals on their journey toward a healthier body and mind is so rewarding to me.  To see improvement each week and to be there to help them achieve their goals…it doesn’t get much better than that #bestpartofmyjob.

we rise by lifting others

Dinner was made once I finally arrived home a bit after 8 (late nights at the Y are worth it, since they are spent helping others pursue a healthy lifestyle) ~

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Sweet Tater + Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Greens & Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge on Artesian Whole Grain Bread (not gluten-free…sad face, but quite tasty) 

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After dinner, it was time to enjoy a tasty glass of Blackstone Merlot.  Why?…because it is Thursday.

The tentative new goal set is a half-marathon taking place in Owensboro, KY on Memorial Day weekend.  That leaves me exactly two weeks to stay conditioned and keep-up the long runs.  If my quad strengthens back up in the next few days, I hope to take on the challenge!  If it does not…I will NOT be a happy camper. 

What are your exercise goals?! You need to think in long and short terms — Months ahead (name a few), weeks ahead (get a few ASAP), this week (you best have those written out already, people!!). 

Until next time,

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