Started my day out with a little run.  Everything about the morning made it seem like a great day for a run…except for when once it got underway, the only good thing about it was how BEAUTIFUL it was outside!  My legs still felt so heavy and my left quad was still not feeling great – at all.  And, the tennies I had slipped on had hit their max-mileage weeks ago.  I moved along pretty slow for 3.2 miles before deciding just to give up on the run & resort to walking.  As much as I wanted to have a great morning run, it was NOT going to happen this morning.  Even though it was no where near the run I had hoped it would be, it was still enjoyable.  The morning could not have been more perfect to be outdoors. 

running accept

Followed up the 4.5 run/walk session with BodyPUMP 89.  My left quad was really on fire after all those squats and lunges….ugh!  I am just ready to have my legs feel normal again – seriously!! I hope I wake to that in the morning, as I know for certain I will be hitting the pavement again.  I hope it goes better than today’s less than mediocre attempt.

It just goes to show that not every workout accomplished will be an AWESOME one.  Not every race run will result in a PR.  Not every game played will result in a VICTORY. The main thing is that we continue to push-through the workouts that are not awesome ones. We continue to grow into better runners from the runs that are endured.  And, we continue to learn how to become a stronger player from the games that are lost. 

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The simple, most important point to remember is that no matter how AWESOME or how TERRIBLE a workout, run, game, etc may be, we should just be THANKFUL for our bodies’ ability to be active.  When I stop and think about the fact that some individuals will never experience what it feels like to run, then I become content with my 3.2 slow miles & look forward to the opportunity I will have to do better on the next run.  

a great one for march 26

Dinner tonight was a change-up considering I had TIME on my side this evening.  I finished at the Y early, so was actually able to enjoy an evening doing my own thing.  It was so, so nice.

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Wheat Tortellini in Marinara Sauce & topped with Asiago Cheese & served with a side of Fresh Roasted Broccoli, Green Beans & Tomatoes

photo1 (34)

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One serving of pasta (1 cup) has WOAH…lots of fat and quite a few calories! But, when you break it down into 1/2 a serving (1/2 cup), then it cuts to 5 grams of fat (1.5 saturated) and 165 calories ~ much more do-able.

photo3 (29)  photo4 (21)

I made a special trip to the store specifically for this sauce, as I have done my fair share of reading the Nutrient Label’s of pasta sauces in the store aisles to find a healthy one.  Some can get quite on the unhealthy side, even though they make them out to be healthy.  This pick has less sugar than most (some have 10-12 grams of added sugar per serving…yikes!), less calories, and quite a bit less fat per serving than most varieties on the market.  And, its taste is AMAZING!! 

I wanted a glass of Cabernet Souvignon to go with my ‘Cabernet Marinara’ tonight…but, it is only Wednesday.  Rules are rules and I try not to break them very often.  Wine nights do not start until Thursday at the earliest.  So, thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday.

Hope you all had a wonderful HUMP DAY!!

Until next time ~

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