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Breakfast: was a change-up today.  I opted for a Banana Nut Good Greens Bar to get me going.  It was mmm mmm good!  I also opted for some ALEVE to ease the pain in my Left QUAD.  I believe I strained it slightly on the run yesterday.

Once the ALEVE kicked in, Sunday got underway with the ‘great outdoors’ and a friend of mine from Indy.  We decided to start our day off with a hike on some AWESOME trails at a place in Indy known as Eagle Creek Park.  It was the perfect morning for trails ~ Sun was shining, temp was just right, and the birds were chirping! 

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I snapped a couple pics of the views during our hike.  The lake was so pretty!

We ended up hiking the trails for exactly 10.5 miles; however, it did NOT feel like that many miles at all.  We were chatting and taking in the ‘great outdoors’ the entire time, so the miles flew by!!  I wanted to go longer just to be outside since it was B-E-A-UTIFUL, but my legs…thought otherwise. 

After the Sunday morning hike, I made a THRIVE Shake to enjoy for lunch, and also munched on a little bit of Earth Balance PB Popps!!

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Strawberry THRIVE Shake

The afternoon was spent chilling with my little niece (the cutest little girl, EVER!!!) and my sister before I had to make the trek back to home this evening.  I was bummed the weekend had to end so soon ~ I need a day between Saturday and Sunday!! Can you relate?

I still cannot believe the Indy Mini is OVER.  FINISHED. FINETO.  Seriously?!  I am bummed about that as well.  I am still recapping the race from yesterday!  My favorite part was when I wanted to quit (seriously, just stop! not even slow to a walk, but stop!) about 20 seconds from the finish-line.  I felt like I could have passed out!  I thank my tunes for getting me to the finish-line.  I quickly switched songs to my current favorite running song “Raging Fire,” turned up the volume to MAX, put my head down so I could not see how far I had left to go, then ran as fast as I could to the finish.  I believe the saying holds true: 

Your body is always capable of MORE than what your mind thinks you can do.  When it comes to endurance, it is the MIND you have to train more-so than the body.

mind over matter

You know what tomorrow is, right?! Motivational Monday!! Let’s get our goals for the week down on paper this evening and get to work on them tomorrow.  For starters…Get your sweat-session planned into your Monday schedule and make sure you have plenty of fresh eats stocked in your fridge. Got it?

Dinner ~

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Gluten-Free Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes, and bit of Grandma’s snack mix!

Well, I am off to drink some Psyllium Husk and get all things ready for a full Monday ahead.  Cheers to the weekend…unfortunately, it is over (sad-face can be inserted here). 

Until next time ~

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