Felt like a Tuesday.  Not sure why. 

T-5 days until 13.1 at INDY ~ Whoop!

The week started off with a 4AM wake-up call.  I started my day with a little BodyPUMP 89 workout at 5AM.  It is a great way to start the week; however, after the nearly 13 miles (11 of which were running) yesterday…my legs were feeling a bit fatigued this morning.  The upper-body workout, on the other hand, was EXCELLENT!

change desire

Breakfast after the workout was a THRIVE shake.  It tasted AMAZING.  THRIVE is my favorite when enjoyed post-workout.  I came home quickly around noon to shower and grab lunch before heading back for round two at the Y.  My lunch ended up being (get ready for random!…) PB/DCC Granola + 1 hard-boiled egg.  Don’t ask questions…I do not have answers.

photo2 (8)

1 Hard-Boiled Egg (minus the yolk ~ I only like egg yolks in deviled eggs!)

photo1 (22)

Homemade Granola ~ Yes, I ate enough to allow it to become my meal.  Yes, I know that it is not green and it has chocolate in it.  But…it tasted so good!!!

I worked the afternoon away.  I almost sent an email to a lady that ended with “Have a great Tuesday!” ~ good thing I proof-read that one!!  Not sure why it felt so much like Tuesday today; however, it will be here before we know it.

Once quitting time rolled around, I completed a short upper body/core workout in the gym since I had some time to kill before heading into a meeting that was scheduled for 5:45.  It was nice ‘me’ time in the gym…just able to do my own thing.  I love group exercise classes, but I also love my solo workouts.

Me + Music + Gym = Nothing compares. 

Dinner ~

photo3 (8)

Fresh Veggies ready to be roasted!

photo1 (17)

Final product!! ~ Roasted Veggies (Asparagus, Broccoli, Red Pepper, Zucchini & Squash) + Grilled Chicken Wrap (Gluten-Free Spinach Wrap = cannot live without)

I cannot believe today is Monday.  My, how the weekends just fly by!! My weekend was not comprised of 100% healthy eating habits.  But, since I was able to get in two AWE-SOME sweat sessions ~ one strength (Saturday) & one long run (Sunday) … I was OK with splurging a little. 

However, today it is back to business! (well, minus the granola for my lunch! oops!  I will do better tomorrow!).  Time to get back to strong and strict.  Less granola.  More greens & proteins!!


We got this!! Tomorrow is Tuesday…so let’s make sure it involves a sweat-session and lots of fresh greens & lean proteins.  My Tuesday game-plan:

1. A Morning Run ~ likely on the treadmill due to rainy conditions

2. A Salad for lunch (greens!)

3. Egg scramble for dinner post the evening sweat session, perhaps?

4. NO granola for LUNCH!

What is your game-plan? Get one…got it?

Until next time,