I am beat. 

I am ready for the weekend.  Are you?

Thursday started off with a short warm-up run on the trail (a little over 2 miles) before Power Vinyasa Yoga.  I was so ready to spend an hour in yoga class this morning.  My body needed a good stretch session + an hour of relaxation!!  

let it go yoga

When I walked into Yoga class, an AMAZING member who takes many of the Y group exercise classes on a routine basis greeted me with a SMILE and a large zip-lock baggie of fresh, home-grown Asparagus!!! It was so thoughtful of her to share fresh greens from her garden with me.

The kind gesture allowed me to start my day off on the right foot.  I love when people surprise you with random acts of kindness.  It is AWESOME!!

Breakfast after class was a THRIVE Shake.  Yum.

photo2 (15)

Work followed Yoga, for the remainder of the day.  Lunch was a thinkThin bar today for something quick.  When late afternoon hit, I was hungry again.  I had a salad in the fridge from earlier in the week, so I ended up munching on that since I was craving something fresh & green. 

think thin


Late Afternoon Snack ~ some greens!!

When quitting time rolled around, I made my way into the gym for a quick upper body strength training session before heading home to see my sweet little niece and her mommy!! They are back home for another visit, YAY!

While preparing dinner, I munched on some freshly made granola (Explains why I did not blog last night.  I was busy in the kitchen.) ~

photo1 (27)

KT’s PB/DCC homemade granola!!

Dinner this evening included greens…of course!  And two grilled chicken wontons. 

photo2 (27)

The fresh garden asparagus (YUM!!!) + fresh green beans – drizzled with EVOO and sprinkled with cracked pepper & garlic pepper seasoning, then roasted to perfection.

After Dinner Sweet Treat ~

photo1 (16)

Fresh Strawberries & Blackberries courtesy of my sister! Delicious!!

Tomorrow is Friday – can I get a whoop whoop!!  Not sure what kind of workout will unfold tomorrow.  I need to do a long run at some point considering the Indy MINI is next weekend…YIKES!!! 

500 festival pic

But, not sure I will have time for that tomorrow.  That may have to wait until Saturday or Sunday.  What is your workout game-plan for Friday?  Do you have one?  If not, get one.  I will be thinking of mine while I get ready for bed. 

Until next time ~