Wake-up alarm sounded at 4:30 this morning.  It was a QUICK night! 

The day started off with CX Worx + a RUN.  Since it was still dark out when I finished instructing CX, I decided to start my RUN on the treadmill.  I completed 4 miles on Treadmill #2 before the sun started to rise.  Once I saw the slightest bit of light out the windows, I was out the door!  I managed 5 enjoyable miles outside for a total of 9 (my goal at the start of the morning was a comfortable 8) before I had to call it quits.  I had to make sure I left myself enough time to shower before work…I desperately needed it – I was a SWEATY MESS after that morning workout!!

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Breakfast was a THRIVE shake, which tasted absolutely AMAZING following the morning sweat session!

image (29)

My FAVORITE breakfast!!!

Lunch today was a sweet tater.  YUM!!  And later in the day I munched on a thinkThin bar and at some point, some Salt & Pepper Pistachios.image_4 (4)

Quitting time rolled around about 5:15, then it was off to a nearby yoga studio to sample a yoga class.  Part of me wanted to go, the other part wanted to turn the car around and head straight to the golf course on this B-E-A-UTIFUL evening.  There is no better place to be than hitting the little white ball on spring evenings like tonight.  Hoping I can fit that in my schedule tomorrow evening instead!

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After yoga, it was snack time.  I had a banana left over that I had taken to the Y and not eaten, so I munched on it during my drive home (because I was HUNGRY!!).

Dinner ~

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Whole Wheat Bagel thin with Earth Balance PB + bit-o-Agave Nectar.  Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans. 

Dinner was SO random tonight, I know.  But, it was what sounded good to me, so that is what I ate.  The PB tasted AWESOME!!!!  I probably could have eaten the entire jar (NOT joking), if I would have allowed myself the opportunity.

grounded pb

Snack after a late dinner (basically directly following dinner, actually! hah!) ~

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A small bit of Special K granola mixed in PB2 Peanut Butter + a wee bit of dark chocolate chips.  New concoction = DELISH!!

image_1 (15)

The best LOW FAT Peanut Butter around…for those times when you still crave PB but do not have enough calories left to spare for anymore of the REAL stuff!

Overall, it was a productive Tuesday since it started so early this morning.  I am beat and ready to hit the sack. 

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY, Whoop whoop!! Let’s get excited, people!!

Keep the eating habits healthy and the sweat sessions in your daily routine.  I know I have preached on it before, but I will say it again:  Journaling what you eat (or using an app like MyFitnessPal) and recording your workouts can be so beneficial to you.  It is an awesome accountability tool – one that allows you to look back and see your progress all in writing!  If you do not currently track your eating habits…I would start. ASAP.  And, remember to keep in touch with your fitness friends.  Hold them accountable for their daily workouts & make them do the same for you!!  It always helps to tell someone your ‘workout game-plan’ for the day/week.  If you know they will be checking in on you, you will be less likely to ditch the workout.  Why do you think I informed you last night that my game-plan for this morning was 8 miles?!..exactly, so I would be held accountable.  Moral of the story:  find someone whom you can communicate your fitness goals and workout game-plans to each day.  Accountability is key when it comes to success.

Until next time ~

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