Monday — I was NOT ready for it to arrive this morning.  I had to do some major motivating in my head this morning to get myself out of bed once my alarm sounded.  I was just NOT ready to for the week to start (that is a bit unusual for me, considering Monday is usually one of my favorite weekdays!).

Once I went through ALL the reasons in my head as to WHY I should GET UP & GET MOVING, I crawled out of bed and started the day.  It was hard to get motivated to do any exercise this morning, but once I got going, I was so thankful I had motivated myself to start!  And, my outdoor sweat session ending up being pretty TOUGH, yet enjoyable since the weather was perfect – I needed TOUGH after the Easter eats this weekend!

hard is what makes it great 

I ran on a trail behind the Y this morning that has two rather large hills and a few other small ones in the loop.  I ran 5 miles on it & managed to hit the set of steep hills a total of 4x.  So 8 good hills this morning and many other small ones to start my Monday…I have to be in the mood to run hills, and once I got going this morning I was ALL ABOUT those hills!! Must have been the extra energy stored up from the weekend eats.

Post the run & Morning Energizers, I was able to enjoy a shake for breakfast…well, after making a quick trip to the store to grab more frozen strawberries & blurbs because I was fresh out.

photo4 (13)

 THRIVE Shake with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Frozen Berries, and Activia Peach Yogurt…

I had packed a salad for lunch today, but ended up just eating a thinkThin Brownie Crunch bar at my desk for convenience…and, because I was craving one!!

This evening was BodyPUMP time!! I had ants in my pants at work this afternoon because I was so excited about class!  I had not instructed BodyPUMP since last Wednesday, which meant I was READY to see my crew and get down to business!

I had to utilize two Clif SHOT BLOKS to make it through the workout tonight.  Why, you ask? One because it was challenging! and two, because the thinkThin bar I’d eaten for lunch was long digested, so my tummy was empty since I forgot to grab a late afternoon snack (note to self:  be sure to eat a power-snack before teaching BodyPUMP89!!).

shot bloks

Class was A-MAZING!…as it is almost every Monday evening.  We rocked it!!

This describes my BodyPUMP session tonight to a T ~

next 7

Dinner this evening post-workout was something easy. Imagine that.  I was so ‘beat’ when I got home, I just sat in the living room chair for a good 20 minutes before even attempting to get up and make my supper. This behavior is highly unusual for me.  Typically, I walk in the door, set my bags down, and B-line it to the fridge to determine what to make for dinner!!

Tonight’s easy meal ~

photo3 (7)

Gluten-Free Fiesta Wrap with Grilled Chicken, BBQ sauce, Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge, Asian Slaw Blend, and Romaine (added after pic) + Peas

photo2 (7)

A Banana of PERFECT Ripeness — YUM!

Post Dinner treat ~

photo1 (14)

One glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

With all the added calories in my weekend eats, I opted to not enjoy any wine this weekend…so, I enjoyed a glass tonight instead! This is also unusual behavior for me.  But, YOLO…right?!

Overall, I am glad to be BACK ON TRACK today!  No deviled eggs or sweet treats made the meal plan today, thank goodness.  How were your eating habits today?  Did you kick-start your week with healthy eats and an ‘extra-sweaty’ sweat session?  I sure hope so!

for thursday2

Well, I better get some more TO DOs checked off and hit the sack.  I have to rise and shine to instruct the early CX class tomorrow…5:30AM start time.  Then, may follow that up with a long(ish) run since I did not get one in this weekend.  Doubt my legs will feel like 11 after today’s workouts, which is what I should attempt.  But, perhaps I can get in a good 8 or so.  We will see come morning time.

Until next time ~

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