Alarm sounded at 6:40.  Contemplated rolling over and sleeping another hour instead of getting up for a RUN. 


I laid there for a bit and thought about how much BETTER my mood would be for the remainder of the day if I went for a morning run.  I also thought about how MAD I would be at myself later if I did not get up & JUST GO!  It took a couple minutes, but I finally talked myself into rolling out of bed and hitting the pavement.  About 5.5 miles later, I was SO GLAD I DID!!  It was my most enjoyable outdoor run thus far this spring!

photo2 (25)

After the run, I quickly got ready for T-ball, made a THRIVE shake for breakfast, and took off for the ball field.  The remainder of the morning was spent helping nearly 165 (no, that is NOT a typo!) little kiddos participate in T-ball games – I was ‘COACH KT’ this morning!

image (29) 

My family Easter luncheon (one of two) took place today at Evansville, but by the time I got home from T-ball it was early afternoon and almost too late to make the trip worth while.  I ended up not driving down to meet the rest of my family.  Instead, I spent the afternoon making deviled eggs for tomorrow’s Easter gathering (with the other side of the family).

photo1 (25)

Did I mention that I LOVE deviled eggs?  Well, I do.  And…I eat them about once a year – at Easter.  I made what you see in the picture, plus three other eggs…which became my lunch. Yes, I filled-up on deviled eggs for lunch ~ Happy Easter to me!!

I also took a little power-nap (kiddos wore me out!), rotated my clothes ~ out with the winter gear & in with the spring/summer attire, and vacuumed out the inside of my car.


New FUN workout capris came in the mail today! I absolutely LOVE Athleta gear!  However, they likely won’t fit anymore once you see what I ate for dinner tonight. YIKES!!

Snack at some point in the early evening was a Banana.  We decided to hit the driving range once my family got home (before making dinner), so I needed something to hold me over.

photo3 (21)

Perfect evening to practice hitting the little white ball

Dinner this evening was some of what I missed out on at the family Easter gathering.

photo4 (16)

Gluten-free Fiesta Wrap with Grilled Chicken (from the Easter luncheon), BBQ Sauce, Pepper Cheese, Asian Slaw Blend, and Romaine Lettuce

photo5 (9)

Side items (brought from the Easter luncheon) included Veggie Medley + yet another Deviled Egg (OMG!) ….

photo6 (8)

and, a small ramekin of Strawberry-Pretzel Jello Salad (ok, so this is more like a dessert in my opinion, but YUM!) 

As if that dinner was not ‘caloric’ enough, there is more that follows ~ dessert.  My mom was in charge of dessert; therefore, the leftovers were brought back home.  Once she told me what it was, I had to have some!!

Dessert ~

photo7 (5)

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!!! ~ made with ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, chocolate + caramel sauce, and heath bits.  WOAH BABY!

As I snapped this picture tonight before indulging in the deliciousness, my Mom’s comment was “Are you going to post that you ate that?!”  She knows my blog is about healthy eating habits…well, usually. Hah!

Goes to show that my diet is NOT always 100% healthy.  I indulge in sweet treats at times and I have slip-ups, too!  And I share them with so you realize that.  I try to look at the positives: At least I got in a good run this morning.  At least deviled eggs are semi-healthy (the egg white is an excellent source of protein!). At least I did not indulge in any little Easter candies today that are in a clear container on the counter-top currently.  I mean, it definitely was not a normal day as far as my eating habits go, but…it could have been worse!

sat march 31

How did you do on your eats if you had an Easter gathering today?  Did you have a game-plan in mind before the food was in front of you?!  And, were you able to squeeze in a workout?  I do hope so! 

I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!! If you have an Easter gathering tomorrow, remember the ‘M’ word!!

Until next time ~

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