I tried to set my alarm for 7 this morning.  I believe I underestimated my level of ‘tired’ last night when I chose that wake-up time.  When the alarm sounded, I contemplated getting up to attend Yoga, then I ended up not rolling out of bed until 8:30.  I decided my body needed sleep more than yoga. 

When 8:30 rolled around, the sun was shining bright through my window and when I peaked out through the blinds, “RUN!” was screaming back at me.  The weather looked perfect for some outdoor morning miles. 


I quickly jumped out of bed, threw on some workout gear, brushed my teeth, found my tennies, strapped on my HRM and took off.  I was in stride before 8:45!! ~ That is what I LOVE about running outside.  No traveling to a gym needed.  You just throw on your running gear, walk out your door, and GO!    

OMG…it most definitely was the PERFECT morning for a RUN!!  Made me wish I would have hopped out of bed at the sound of my first alarm – so I could have enjoyed a few more miles!!  Today’s chosen route made a big circle from my house, to downtown Main Street, through the cemetery (for a short visit with ‘J’ on this BEAUTIFUL morning) and then back to the start point. An enjoyable 4.5 miles to kick-start the day.

no one runs the same journey

I was so glad I decided to lace up my shoes and hit the road.  The run in the absolutely AWESOME weather got my Thursday off on the right foot & put me in an EXCELLENT mood for the remainder of the day. 

The entire day flew by!! ~  My eats were healthy.  My TO DO list was shortened due to a productive work day.  And my ‘coaching’ skills at T-ball practice tonight were a success.  How was your Thursday??

We need to gear up for an Easter weekend that will likely be filled with ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ eats and sweet treats! (I know mine will be since we have a family gathering on Saturday and one on Sunday.) 

happy easter

Your goal should be to remember the ‘M’ word ~ MODERATION! if you are attending festivities where food/a meal is served. Another tip would be to plan out what you will allow yourself to indulge in & what you will NOT allow yourself to indulge in at your Easter gatherings. 

need to read

My goal at family gatherings where a meal is served is always to fill my plate with mostly the VEGGIE selections or a SALAD if available + a couple deviled eggs (at Easter), and to steer-clear of any potatoes, rolls, or other simple carbs.  I do usually indulge in dessert, but try to steer clear of munching on any extra Easter chocolate candies that may be sitting out.  Get your game-plan & your goals before you get in front of the food selection & you will be WAY less likely to over-indulge and eat too much.

Yay for Friday (and the weekend!)…it is right around the corner!!

Until next time ~

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