Wednesday…what a day.

Wake-up call at 3:15AM and have been going ever since. Whoop whoop!

I opened the Y this morning and managed to save my THRIVE shake until after BodyPUMP ended.  I used two CLIF Shot Bloks (energy chews) to get me through class.  I wanted so bad to drink my shake around 6AM, but held off because I know how much MORE AWESOME it tastes after a tough workout!

jan 13 thrive

And OMG, was it a tough morning workout! ~ I warmed-up with a quick 1.5 mile treadmill run, then became a sweaty-mess by the end of BodyPUMP89. 


Work and meeting followed the morning sweat session.  Today I was ‘Boring Betty’ at work for Lunch/Snack.  I munched a thinkThin bar & then later in the day I had a yummy salad with all the normal fixings.  I also snacked on about one serving of Animal Crackers late in the afternoon, since it was what I fed the Afterschool Program Kiddos I had to tend to today from the Y They always get a snack & since I was in charge today, I picked something simple from the box of goodies (and something I thought sounded YUMMY!)…Animal Crackers!

animal crackers

After tending to the Y kiddos, it was off to gymnastics to see all my girlies.  Then, back to the Y for Workout Wednesday: Part 2.

My CX class was scheduled for 5:50, and since I had been working at the Y ALL DAY today, I decided against doing anymore work & instead just enjoyed some TT (Treadmill Time) before my class.  I was able to pound out 4.5 enjoyable miles! After the busy (not to mention extra-long) day I had, I was ready to just NOT think about a single work-related thought.  I put my headphones on and blocked out any and all thoughts that came to my mind.  I think that is why my run felt so GREAT – I was solely focused on it & on my music.  Yes, there was definite lip-singing going on during the TT time tonight since I was very into my tunes!  Followed up TT with a rockin’ core workout (CX Worx 14) to end my Wednesday. 

photo1 (12)

* Do Note – the AM workout was NOT 2 hours and 47 minutes.  I forgot to stop my watch…oops!!

every damn day nike

My well earned dinner this evening ~

photo2 (6)

Banana – I was craving one when I arrived home from the Y.

photo1 (13)

Fresh Veggies (sprinkled with EVOO, pepper, & garlic pepper then roasted in the oven) with a side of Vegetable Fried Rice (ordered from the Chinese Restaurant!)

When I got home from the Y, I knew I wanted to make some roasted veggies.  I got those ready and in the oven first thing.  Then, I kept trying to decide what to eat with them.  It started out as being eggs (probably should have went that route!), but Chinese rice just sounded so good to me tonight for some reason.  Once the thought of rice entered my mind, I was stuck on it.  I decided to splurge and order some veggie fried rice from China Wok.  I seriously cannot REMEMBER the last time I ORDERED ANYTHING CHINESE!  OMG!  I am beginning think the lack of sleep last night finally caught up with me based on that out-of-the-blue decision!!!  I will not lie, the rice (be it NOT the healthiest option) tasted AWESOME!…but, my fresh veggies tasted even MORE AWESOME!! The two combined were phenomenal. Mmmm mmm good!

Tomorrow is Thursday Thirsty Thursday!  I do believe I will be in need of a glass (or two) of wine by tomorrow evening being that I am taking charge of T-ball practice for the night.  Let me rephrase that – I am taking responsibility of 90 kiddos ages 3 through 6 who are trying to learn how to pitch, catch, swing a bat, and understand the difference between home & 1st base.  HAH!! Stressful…YES!  Highly Enjoyable…YOU BET!!


Until next time, let’s keep the eating habits in check, people & please make sure you get your SWEAT-on!!

life is too short