My day started with…a DELICIOUS breakfast on my way to the Y ~

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THRIVE + Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk + Strawberries + Peach Activia Yogurt = FAVORITE meal of the day!

I was able to fit in a morning YOGA session before starting work.  It was a great hour of practice, for sure.  I love how I can just ‘LET IT GO’ while I am on the mat.  I put all of my TO DOs out my head for that one hour and just allow myself a clear mind…all I think about are two words:

inhale exhale

The rest of the day was spent behind my desk…working. Yuck.  It was a rather productive day of desk work though, so that always makes you feel good at the end of the day.

Lunch at my desk today while crossing off TO DOs ~

think thin bar thursday

thinkThin Protein Bar: Brownie Crunch

image_5 (4)

Salt & Pepper Pistachios

I called it quits at my desk around 5:15, then made my way into the gym to get warm on the Lateral Elliptical (only got in about 15 quick minutes) before teaching CX Worx followed by Beginner Basics.

I munched on a Banana & few more Pistachios after my classes ended to hold me over until I got home to make dinner.

Dinner ~

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Beginning ~ Gluten Free Fiesta Tortilla + Grilled Chicken Strips + 1 Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge

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Middle ~ Add the good stuff:  Asian Slaw Blend, Greens, Cracked Pepper

photo4 (5)

End Product that tasted A-MAZING! ~ Wrap It Up & add a veggie side:  Carrots + Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Post Dinner Sweet Treat (not sure what my deal is this week, but I keep having a SWEET tooth in the evenings. UGH!) ~

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Special K Granola + Dark Chocolate Chips

The make-shift granola was not quite as good as KT’s PB/DCC Granola, but it had to do since we are fresh out of my home-made variety. Bummer. 

So how was your Tuesday?  Did you keep your eats healthy and mostly on the fresh side?  What about a workout?  Did you manage to make time for one today?  I chose to utilize my Tuesday as an ‘active’ recovery day.  I did exercise, but nothing too intense.  Tomorrow morning is BodyPUMP and potentially some TT (Treadmill Time!!) ~ I want to be able to give 100%+ …with rejuvenated muscles! 

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY…Whoop Whoop!!  It is also a 3:15AM wake-up call for me, so I best hit the sack so I can rise & shine in the morning. 

Until next time, keep the eats healthy & the mind-set POSITIVE!  Here is a goal for your Wednesday ~

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