Monday — one of my favorite days of the week.  A FRESH start.  A FRESH set of GOALS.  A FRESH new game-plan for ACHIEVING them.

Hold Up…let me back track to yesterday.  Sunday.  I completed a long-run in training for the Indy Mini.  It is now 3 weeks away.  I ran about 10.5 miles (with some walking involved due to tummy troubles) to kick-start my day.  When I finished, I had not one positive thought running through my head anywhere.  It was negative this, negative that, negative, negative, negative…I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.  Every thought that entered my mind was me comparing myself to others more fit than myself & also to a younger, more fit ‘me’ – the one that had trained for the MINI a few years back.  The ‘me’ that hopped out of bed at sunrise the day after my last INDY MINI (half marathon) experience to enjoy an 8 mile run….crazy girl. 

As the ‘negative-ness’ kept flowing through my mind while stretching post-run, I finally stopped for a brief moment and said to myself:  “Alright, this is ridiculous!  I just ran 10.5 miles and I do not feel thankful nor happy about it at all.  Where is my positivity?  Some people would LOVE to be able to run 10.5 miles.  Some people would LOVE to be able to run 1 mile.  And, I am sitting here being Negative Nancy in every way while comparing myself to others.  UGH.”

photo2 (24)

Running is a gift.  I should be thankful I am able to run at all.  As I took a pause from the negativity and began to think about where I started (in training for THIS Mini) and where I am now…I have made definite progress!  Everything about my body and my running feels stronger.  I am not be where I once was, but I am improving.  Does this sound like anything you may have experienced recently?  Beat yourself up over not being good enough, or training hard enough, or find yourself comparing your abilities to someone else’s abilities?  If so, STOP NOW!!

We are our own unique selves.  We must learn to accept our strengths and our weaknesses.  I mean, you should always strive to do your best and be your best, but not at the expense of it turning into a negative “nothing I do is good enough” attitude toward yourself.  The new game-plan for me is to just enjoy the training I have left leading up to the MINI.  I am not going to compare myself to the younger, more fit ‘me.’  I am not going to go crazy over trying to keep a certain mile pace.  I am not going to compare myself to the abilities of others…and, I am not going to beat myself up if I have to stop and walk a bit during the 11 and 12 mile training runs. 

Instead, I am going to stay POSITIVE from here on out.  I am going to be thankful that I have two legs to run with, a heart that beats between 160-175 times a minute when I run, and two lungs that allow me to utilize the fresh air I take in when I am pounding out the miles.  Negativity gets us NO WHERE, people. 

stay strong

Now on to Monday…

My day started out with TT!! TT = Treadmill Time.  I must have gone to bed with restless leg syndrome last night because I was itching to run…so, I set my alarm earlier than normal and started my Monday with a RUN.  Hands down BEST way to start the week.

life is

Post a 4.5 mile treadmill run followed by Morning Energizers class, I was able to enjoy some eats for breakfast (Yes, the blood sugar was rather low by this time…glad I did not have to wait any longer.  My tummy was RUMBLING!) ~

photo2 (16)

THRIVE Shake for breakfast. YUM.

Lunch ~

photo4 (15)

Salad…mmm mmm good!

photo5 (8)

I also munched on some Pistachios following this tasty salad because I was not quite satisfied.

I worked up until about 5:15, then changed clothes and decided I needed a little fuel before Monday night BodyPUMP .  I munched on half of a thinkThin Bar quickly before buzzing back to the group exercise room to a FULL class!!

think thin

We rocked it on BodyPUMP89 tonight.  I LOVE this release because it is extra TOUGH!! I feel like it gives me an AWESOME strength workout every time I do it ~ especially in my triceps, biceps, and shoulders.  My arms are beat!

challenge you

Dinner tonight = Earned! ~

photo1 (23)

Mixed stir-fry veggies without the sauce (Blue Bird Brand – big bag found at Wal-Mart). Sprinkled with Asiago Cheese and Cracked Pepper, with a side of Long Grain Wild Rice

My dinner rocked!!! It tasted so fresh and oh so good.  Even the picture looks yummy, I think!

Post dinner sweet treat ~

photo1 (22)

KT’s very own homemade PB/DCC Granola. 

This granola is addicting – to make it was NOT a smart idea on my part.

Tomorrow is Tuesday…Yoga day! Yes! 

I hope you started your Monday off on the right foot ~ with healthy eats, lots of great greens, and a SWEATY workout!

never miss a monday

Check out RULE #1 ~ NEVER miss a Monday workout. Ever.

Until next time ~

heatlhy eating