It’s Wednesday…half-way day.

My mood was not one of greatness today, but I tried to keep this thought rolling through my head as I kept a positive attitude…

we rise by lifting others

Not every day is a great day for me, but I try not to let others know when I am having an on or off day.  I keep my attitude positive toward them, in the hopes that it may help them improve their day (a day that may be so similar to my own, even though I do not let them know it).  By helping them feel a bit better, it in turn helps me to feel a bit better.  The quote says it all. 

Breakfast ~

image (33)

THRIVE Shake – mmmm.

This morning was filled with BodyPUMP 89 (where I burned nearly 550 calories…pretty impressive for a BP strength session since most BP classes I average 350-400!) followed by Morning Energizers

Lunch was brought to me today by one of my AWESOME co-workers!  She picked it up on her way to the Y for me….it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

photo2 (21) Winkler’s Mandarin Orange Salad with Grilled Chicken & Feta Cheese Dressing

I also munched on a Banana after eating this salad.  The metabolism must have been revving from the AWESOME BodyPUMP workout.

Mid-Afternoon snack ~

zone perfect bar box

Zone Perfect bar:  Mint Chocolate Flavor

This evening’s workout included 30 minutes on the Lateral Elliptical (to get warm and review CX) followed by CX Worx 14.  It was another great core workout.  I also took a quick walk outdoors for a much needed chat session with a friend, then headed home to see my sister & my niece, baby Jacyn. They came home for a little visit!!  I am so excited they are here for the next few days. 

Dinner ~

photo1 (21)

Home-Made Veggie Pizza + Sweet Tater

For the veggie pizza, I used 1/2 a piece of Naan bread, Garden Vegetable sauce, veggies (red pepper, onion, broccoli, and cauliflower) and a blend of Asiago + Parmesan Cheeses…oh, and crushed pepper.

naan bread

image (17)

Dessert this evening (could not resist) ~

photo4 (14)

Pretzel + Rolo + Chocolate Egg Treats brought to us from my sister. YUM!

Well, the night has slipped away.  I wish I had time to write more, but I do not.  Perhaps tomorrow evening I will not have to be so short.  Tomorrow is Thirsty Thursday…thank goodness.

Keep the habits healthy & the workout strong + sweaty.

Until next time ~

photo3 (2)

One of my favs.