It’s Tuesday?!

I feel like today should be Monday, since my Monday was spent cuddled up on the couch under tons of blankets…the flu got the best of me.  Monday was the first day in a LONG time that I missed out on my THRIVE Shake for breakfast or lunch…instead, it was ice chips – for practically the entire day.

Thankfully, it must have only been a 24 hour virus because I woke up this morning feeling 95% back to normal.

Breakfast was back to normal ~

photo_1 (3)


I took YOGA this morning at the Y in an effort to sweat out some toxins and in order to ease back into ‘workout mode’ since I had been out of commission on Sunday (except for CX) and Monday.  It was an AWESOME hour of yoga practice. 

photo3 (7)

Lunch today ~ was 1/2 of a 6” Turkey Subway sandwich + a bowl of FRESH fruit left over from a meeting at the Y last night.  I had cantaloupe, grapes, a couple apple slices, and some DELICIOUS honeydew melon! Mmmm mmmm good.


It was half of this Turkey Sub.  I ate the first half last night when I thought my appetite was back…it was not.

The day flew by since I had so much work to catch up on ~ amazing how much builds up (how many notes pile on my desk) even being away just ONE day.  Tomorrow will be another catch-up day, for sure. 

Mid-Afternoon snack/Pre-workout eats ~

good greens bar

2/3 of a Good Greens Bar:  Chocolate Peanut Butter

I wanted to run at quitting time today, but when quitting time arrived, the energy was running low.  I knew I had to make it through CX and Beginner Basics this evening, so I decided to conserve my energy and save the run for another day.  I hopped on the Elliptical for about 35 minutes, then taught a TOUGH CX Worx class!  We did Release 14 for the first time this evening.  It was challenging, but a GREAT Core workout!!

Dinner ~

photo1 (17)

photo1 (20)

Egg Whites + 1 regular egg (& yolk) topped with Asiago Cheese + Cracked Pepper & a side of homemade Salsa

To go with my eggs:

red pepper

Carrots and Hummus

And for a evening snack to calm a sweet tooth ~

photo3 (16)

1/2 cup Special K Granola + 1 Tbsp. Hershey Dark Chocolate Chips = Sweet Tooth Satisfied.

Today has been a long day BACK IN ACTION, but it felt good to be up and moving again.  How was your Tuesday?  Did you keep your eating habits healthy?  Remember the ‘M’ word…moderation?  I am hoping you were able to get your SWEAT ON today as well!  Not being able to get in a workout due to sickness always makes me SO THANKFUL for what my body is able to do when it is healthy and well.  Life without workouts, runs, and getting sweaty = cannot imagine it.

Until next time ~