A 3:30 wake-up call this morning.  Yikes!

Pre-Breakfast snack rolled around about 4:30 this morning.  I was hungry when I got to the Y, but did not want to make my THRIVE shake that early.  Instead, I snacked on 1/2 a thinkThin bar.

photo3 (4)

I tried a new flavor (finally!) ~ Cookies-n-Cream!! Yum.

Time flew by this morning at work.  I was so productive since the Y was rather quiet.  I LOVE checking things off my TO DO list. 

Breakfast ~

jan 13 thrive

THRIVE with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, Strawberries, and Peach Activia Yogurt

I kept on chugging away at work tasks until a little after noon, then called it a day and made my way home to enjoy lunch before a meeting I had on the agenda this afternoon.

Mid-Morning Snack ~

photo7 (3)

A Banana of Perfect Ripeness

Lunch (at home for once!! So I took advantage and made something besides a salad) ~

photo1 (9)

Egg White Scramble with Asiago Cheese + Cracked Pepper & Home-made Salsa for dipping! YUM!

photo6 (3)

Sweet Tater ~ munched on 1/2 of it.  I ate the rest as part of my Dinner this evening.

The meeting did not last too long. Then I went home and tried to nap.  Unsuccessful.  Too many thoughts in my head – no way I could sleep.  I figured I might as well get up and get my workout in since I did not have the opportunity to accomplish it this morning.

When I got back to the Y, I had a lovely surprise waiting for me.  Someone had delivered flowers to my desk.  Purples ones.  With a purple bow.  I knew they had to be from someone who knew me well enough to know my favorite color is PURPLE.  It was an AWESOME feeling to know someone was thinking of me!! 

photo1 (10)

Lovely Thursday Surprise

The flowers ended up being from an AMAZING lady who attended my New Year, New You program at the Y and who now attends my Beginner Basics class each Tuesday evening.  She was thanking me for all the exercise sessions I have provided her over the last several months. She is a prime example of why I love my job…

I went to the Y with intentions of running 3-4 miles, but ended up going for a sweaty 5 at a pretty decent pace (TT = 42 minutes flat)  I am telling you…freshly downloaded songs makes ALL the difference!!

good one for the blog

I thought I was finished for the evening after my run, but I was not.  I totally forgot about a meeting I had scheduled at the Y for 6:30.  Bummer!!  I managed to get out of there by about 7:30, by which time my tummy was growling.  I snacked on the other half of the thinkThin bar on my drive home.

Dinner this evening ~

photo5 (4)

1/2 Wheat Sandwich Thin toasted with 1 grilled chicken tender, Garden Vegetable Sauce, Asiago Cheese, and Cracked Pepper.

image (17)

I also munched on the other half of the Sweet Tater left over from lunch.

After dinner, I finally whipped up some PB/DCC (dark chocolate chip) Granola…which is probably not a good thing, since now all I will want to do is eat it!!  While it was baking, I sat down to blog & enjoyed ONE glass of wine from a fresh bottle.  It is Thirsty Thursday, people!! 

photo4 (4)

Cabernet Sauvignon….Hit the spot.

Today has been a rather long day.  It is time for me to hit the sack and hopefully awake refreshed and energized since it will be…FRIDAY!!

Until next time ~

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